Low While Eating


Mid Pad Thai.

If you’re out for Thai lunch and you’ve pre-bolused and while you’re in the middle of eating, “WONK! WONK! WONK! WONK!” says your child’s Dexcom [after having been blanked out for a time (but during the blank-out, the finger stick said hundred-something)] with its loud, four-syllable super-warning: 43 mg/dL.

Do we do something? Can Glucolift fight its way through eggy rice noodles? Glucagon? Is this something or is this nothing? 

I took a picture while I thought about a next step. I thought about the beaker of insulin he’d taken in preparation for the pad Thai. Then I had coconut rice sent over to the children’s table. Everything was okay.

That is the advice to my future self: this is nothing. Or: get a bowl of coconut rice. Or this: it is very rare to go low mid-meal, this is not a topic to address. Or: you could have thought to turn the basal down. Or: ?


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