Punchy, Sleepy, Itchy, Bitchy, Achy, Munchy, and Morose.


One bite and all your dreams will come true…

I like apples in September. I forgot they’re made of 100% jellybeans.

So I ate an apple yesterday. (Crisp, tart, and large. Mutsu.)

Mid-apple: felt like sleeping. (I am Snow White?)

Puzzled. Think. Realize.

Test: 180 mg/dL. Then I felt like sleeping and throwing a brick through the window.

Instead of drinking water, walking the dog, or another known beneficial thing…

I think she's more in the mood for an icy Diet Coke.

I think she’s more in the mood to keep sleeping.

I ate a granola bar. A fantastically carby variety of thing I’d never eat if not under the apple’s spell. I was not even hungry. Just wanted it like crazy. Then I really needed a nap. Mmmmm just curl up and sleep, and please wake me up in, oh, seven hours, when this feeling will have evaporated.

If I feel this way (unable to function, with affect somewhere on the apathy-nihilism spectrum) at 180, why does my son feel fine at 250? Is he just so used to sucking it up, wading through the molasses, and getting on with his life? Or do the molasses eventually go away? Molasses for beginners?


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