Slob Problems


I haven’t done this up all night crap for a while.

Up for Homeland (Season 3) with high BG. Think, Carrie, think. Dinner = turkey meatballs, avocado rolls. High BG maybe kind of make sense. Because rice.

11pm 225, correction. (Episode 4, Game On.)

12am 241. (Episode 5, The Yoga Play.) Patience. I’m sure that number will go down before this episode ends and zzzzz.

1am 242, correction. (The Yoga Play again, because half asleep/no idea what happened. Five minutes into Yoga redux, remember should have corrected with syringe & changed the site. Crud.)

2am 252. Cornered! Look left, can’t correct because maybe 1am correction gonna kick in. Look right, can’t sleep because probably need new correction. Look straight: deer. Headlights. Awake enough consider Is it even an old site? Because then, at least, it might make sense to correct again right now with a syringe & pop in a new site, and then sleep. Sleep right now. Mmmm.

Look for clues support Sleep Possible theory. Regard insulin left in pump: 88 units. Might be kind of old. But not that old. More like middle-aged. Steel sets work–very least–until down to 40 u. Never ever EVER conk out @88 u.

And then flashback scene: Bigfoot remember post-shower request. Mom, can you plug in my pump? Close up on tush: site on either side.

Sure. Hrrrm. Do you know which side is the new one? 

Bubs’s right hand reaches back, hesitates. Then left hand pats left site. In moment, seems NBD. But unlike Bubs hesitate. Usually such question re pump site = boy knows. Intuitive. Same as ask, “Which hand do you write with?” Ferrrrrn. Maybe I plugged the pump into an ancient site. Or maybe not. Bigfoot not forensics expert.

If one parent hates insert sites (it Bigfoot—not squeamish, just detest whole long, drawn-out procedure plus depressing heap medical trash/little slips adhesive backing at end), and other parent hates take old sites out, and both parents kind of cocky/think unnecessary keep accurate notes for occasion such as tonight: perfect storm. Too much vague evidence. Absolute indecision. Even Mandy Patinkin shrug, walk away.

Executive decision: new site, not bother w. new cartridge, correct again even though technically too soon but with measly 1/2 dose, make sure Juicy Juice on nightstand, carry on w. Homeland episode 7, Gerontion.

2:43 am. 204 arrow diagonal down.

Mandy Patinkin peek back with big beard smiley-eyes, tear of pride in eye.

Bigfoot say other thing

Oops. Bigfoot delete Facebook page. Try this again.


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