How About an Adam Brown Post for Diabetes Blog Week?

I heard Adam Brown speak at Friends for Life last year. It was my first exposure to him. (That link is just to what I said last year about FFL/AB. I can not imagine why anyone would need to click that, except for me when I stroll down memory lane.)

Adam seems like a man who is completely unaware of the gleaming rainbow halo of happiness and beams of hope that surround him. As I recall it, that time at FFL, he answered one parent’s question about advice for dealing with T1d in the teen years with something like I don’t have a lot of advice about that because I was a pretty agreeable teen. But he said it so shruggingly and modestly and almost apologetically. My brain pounced on with enthusiasm: Bubs will probably be like Adam Brown. My brain tends to pounce on best-case scenarios and love them and squeeze them. Scenarii.

But look at this. This month, my imaginary future dream child wrote my dream post! I am endlessly curious about what I should eat. AREN’T YOU? This bottomless curiosity extends to what other people eat, what your kid had for breakfast (I have been thinking of Zakary’s daughter’s mini bagel with almond butter and turkey bacon daily for three years—that is over one thousand thinks), the zillion carb smoothies people make and why?, what are you having for dinner, how muffins–even sub-par muffins–remain a standard thing people eat as non-desserts, what are we going to have for dinner tonight, tomorrow, this summer, forever…So when Adam Brown spelled out his whole day in food, I could not believe my luck. Not only is he my dream imaginary future teen son, he is also my dream imaginary future adult son.

If everyone—foodies, reverse-snob foodies, people who barely remember to eat, people with eating disorders—would share a post like AB’s, what a glorious day it would be! I am secretly not secretly hoping this could be a theme-of-the-day for Diabetes Blog Week. No pressure to lobby for this theme with Ms. Bittersweet.

I tried to document what I ate one day earlier this week, but by the time I got to the 5pm roadside falafel salad, I’d forgotten what my Big Important Project (i.e. taking pictures of everything I ate) had been that day.


Every day, new hope: two thermos cups of tea, and a cup of plain kefir with a Truvia packet.

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