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Bigfoot on this show Monday. Monday. The Lorraine and Bennet show! Monday = TOMORROW. Tomorrow at 9pm, EST.


Bigfoot attempt fascinating/at least medium-good guest. Listener can call in. Bigfoot never call in DSMA show; listen these shows while walk dog, never listen live. If possible, listen—live! Call in, tell Bigfoot GOOD JOB. Tell Lorraine/Bennet YOU SO LUCKY BIGFOOT ON SHOW. I LOVE HER.

This = link to tool for set reminder listen/call. This phone number:

(760) 283-5150.

Tomorrow (Monday) night at 9PM.



Meanwhile, Bubs’s Sunday school class attend dharma talk @zen center.

Of course talk include four noble truths. Summary/pretty sure whole point = your desire for something other than what you have is the cause of your suffering. Wishing your child didn’t have X is the reason you are suffering from X. (Here X could = bad taste in friends, unmanageable hair, mean Social Studies teacher, or maybe…celiac disease, diabetes.)

After class, dharma teacher share giant bowl goldfish crackers, and classmates dig in. Bigfoot feel opposite happy. Sip twig tea from paper cup & visit gift shop, buy Bubs lotus seed prayer bracelet because feel—Bigfoot feel, not sure Bubs care at all—so sad re goldfish crackers. Say, here is Kind bar. Here is bracelet. Sorry about crackers. Twig tea is acquired taste.

BUBS: You know those testicles people hang from their trucks? Is it called Truck Junk? Truck Balls?

BIGFOOT: I’m pretty sure it’s Truck Nuts.

BUBS: (Delighted.) Truck nuts? Truck NUTS? Truck NUTS? Truck NUTS?!

Only feel heartache, no tingle of funny. Because imagine truck nut truck driver drive while gnaw on meatball grinder, follow up w. chocolate malt balls, all while stupid silicone balls (purple) waggling behind. Because Bigfoot specialize in wallow. Heaps of bullshit piled up in special wallow cave. One pile: people eating whatever stupid food they want. Another: adults going on vacations without their kids. Another: pizza delivery. 

So Dharma talk not lure Bigfoot out of shitcave or make feel peace. Only make Bigfoot peek out of cave, notice how unhappy & notice unhappy = by choice.


Better mood already.

Just in time for big show!


Bigfoot say other thing

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