The Elusive Green Box

Twelve cents! Why bother?

Twelve cents.

Not want sound ungrateful. But. Some Rx questions arise.

#1: 2013 Bigfoot insurance not cover syringes/needle tips from pharmacy. Must use durable medical equipment supplier. But unable figure out how use durable medical equipment supplier. And since these items not expensive, and only need one time for have on hand in case pump failure, fill Rx at pharmacy.

Today notice BCBSRI chip in twelve cents for syringes. Foolhardy ask why. But why? And thank you.

#2: Bigfoot family insurance plan super-high deductible, amount of deductible loaded on to HSA Visa card for use pay every medical thing until meet deductible. (Pretty neat!) It only February. Close, but not yet meet deductible. So expect pay full cost every Rx, every appointment, etc. So very puzzling why Glucagon (2 sets, $290) come w. copay instead of pay whole thing? And why copay so high? ($60! Last time was $5.)

Yes it is. No it isn't. Yes it is. Maybe it isn't. Maybe it is. We'll get back to you.

Yes it is. No it isn’t. Yes it is. Maybe it isn’t. Maybe it is. We’ll get back to you.

#3: Ketone items arrive with note, “This medication is not covered by your insurance.” Pee strips + blood strips alike. Why this change? Bigfoot call BCBSRI ask why no more cover ketone tools. On hold forever. BSBCRI say CVS wrong, ketone blood strips are covered; pee strips not covered because OTC. CVS say BCBSRI told them blood ketone strips also no covered. BCBSRI then say, “things are denying incorrectly.” (Clever use passive voice!) Then ask, “How many kinds of Lantus does your son use?” and “Do you care if it’s the NovaMax Plus Ketone or the NovaMax Gluc?” and “I bet they’ll put an override on this in research.” These statements not inspire confidence. Then BCBSRI say no claims on Bigfoot file, impossible Bigfoot Spouse pick up items today. And yet. Here these items right before Bigfoot eyes.


$2.50 a strip and worth it. (But I’d rather pay zero.)

Bigfoot say other thing

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