Suss Out Sans Freak Out

Last week @CVS drive-through

BIGFOOT: Yes, hello! I’m here to pick up a prescription for Bubs Blahblahblah

CVS GAL: Date of birth?


CVS GAL: I’ll be right right back with you. Wait. Let me see this note. What is happening? Oh! Right! Something changed with your insurance? And they don’t want to cover your son’s test strips anymore?

BFOOT: Huhm?

CVS: I’llĀ  be right back

CVS GAL: (holding too-small bag aloft) We can give you one hundred strips, just so your child won’t have to go without while we sort through this. Your son’s doctor needs to resubmit the prescription to us? And we will present that to the insurance company?

BF: Whhum?

CVS: We’ll take care of it. Do you want the one hundred strips? You don’t have to pay anything?

BF: (Wondering if, by accepting this teensy bag of strips, I am implying my support for…me being screwed)

CVS: (Leans to move bag closer to car window)

BF: Okay, thanks. (Because what else am I going to do?) Wait, do I need to do anything? Do you think I should call the endocrinologist?

CVS: No, it’s our job. We’ll take care of it


Today @home, phone rings.

DEXCOM: Hello, Katharine?

BIGFOOT: Hi, Dexcom!

DEXCOM: Um, yes. You called last week? To order a new transmitter for your son?

BF: Right! I thought it would have arrived by now. I’m glad you called—our transmitter’s all wonky and it was out of warranty on July—

DEXCOM: And I am handling that for you? And it looks like you have already met your three zillion dollar out-of-pocket deductible for the year

BF: (Hit that shizz in February) Uh-huh?

DEXCOM: So you will receive the transmitter at no cost to you—

BF: Hooray!

DEXCOM: —but something with your insurance has changed, and so we’re going to need a new prescription from your son’s doctor

BF: Okay, should I contact her?

DEXCOM: No, we will contact her. But the insurance company, looks like, they’re going to need to see thirty days of blood sugar readings again, to prove that your son is still testing his blood sugar


These things probably (fingers crossed) NBD. But heart thumps because why everything change in July?

  • Every January things change a lot with the insurance company
  • We met our deductible in February, so no changes there
  • Same pharmacy, same doctor, same strips, same everything


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