New Endo

New Endo personality very warm, kind. Example: for conversation starter ask Bubs if any pets. When Bubs say Butter! Our dog! He’s kind of crazy. For follow up inquire heritage emotionally disturb dog. Instead of say, “I’ve met a lot of obnoxious wheaten terriers” like typical Rhode Island conversationalist, New Endo say: Oooh, they’re sooooo soft.

Also New Endo cat diabetes! On Lantus! Ha! Sorry guess not funny/cute when cat have disease. Bigfoot think funny picture cat lie belly, New Endo wipe kittyfur bottom w alcohol swipe.

Also New Endo = same endo West Bay Bubs. When WBB mom hear of Dr. Doughnut test strip Rx forced belt-tighten say, “I can’t believe that! I’d be horrified!” Feel like WBB, New Endo on same page Bigfoot, i.e. hover somewhere on spectrum of: trust me, you don’t need to micromanage my strips/hands off my strips, bitch/I’m building an igloo out of strips in my fortress of insulin vials and it’s none of your fucking business.

Also New Endo spend long time review medical history, ask questions. Also tell Bigfoot Bubs need eye exam. (Sorry Bigfoot not know this on own initiative. Thought eye part this show would come much later.)

Also when time for Rx talk, New Endo ask, “How many {whatevers} do you like to have each month,” etc. while tap-tap-type into computer for send pharmacy. So simple. Thank you.

Also tell Bigfoot see in chart from Coro note re “parents test too much”, but New Endo disagree–not see any unnecessaries. Thank you.

However. Bigfoot come clean. Lately cut out few tests. Like this one:

Cut out test before bike to school. Instead, Bigfoot walk Butter toward school while Bubs dart off on bike. That way, Bigfoot/dog act as “sweeper” for supine child roadside. Since Bubs eat/bolus within 45 minutes bike, BG fairly irrelevant. Unless low. But. Then would feel low. Unless. Whatever.

And this one:

Cut out test bedtime because often dinner/dessert within 2 hours bedtime. (E.g. Eat 6:30PM, Bubs bed 8:30PM. Just test 10/11PM when adults bed.)


Bigfoot say other thing

Bigfoot sure this not right placement Pinterest button


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