Things Are Hard to Quit

In its way, invented treatment early LADA similar celiac. No medicine required, just restricted diet.

Benefits myriad: avoid official diagnosis, avoid insulin, avoid life insurance fiasco. Meanwhile, notice fasting BG creep back up into hundreteens despite alleged adherence KM60. Not despair! Hope not lost. Bigfoot renew commitment/try harder.

Pot: Kettle=Black

Sign up Persephone‘s three-day Kick Sugar’s Sweet Ass class. One evening chuckle @Facebook group classmates struggles, e.g. not eat pastries. Think Oh my gahrd; I can’t believe there are people in this world who still eat pastr—then notice, in own hand, chocolate bar found earlier in child’s forgotten Christmas stocking. 73% dark/intention = break into 8 pieces, each 4g CHO. Instead, already consume majority/not notice because so busy mock pastry-struggles of others.

Crap-a-doodle-doo. Quit sugar hard. Require concentrate. Concentrate food—>much navel-gaze. To wit, notice relatively easy give up many favorite foods.

Surprisingly easy to give up, despite being long-time favorites:

  • Ezekiel bread toasted with avocado & Veganaise¬†√† la Paltrow (replacement: avocado with salt)
  • Triscuits (replacement: cucumber circles)
  • Granola (replacement: plain Greek yogurt with one measured teaspoon maple syrup)
  • Entire banana at once (replacement: children’s rejected banana tips)
  • Half decaf soy latte (replacement: coffee or Americano with cream)
  • Peanut butter and raspberry jam globbed on whole wheat bread (replacement: giant salad)

Difficult to give up, though not even really that great to begin with:

  • Trail Mix (salty and sweet)
  • Larabars (seems vaguely like nutrition and always on hand [d-bag, purse, glove compartment, swim bag, coat pocket] for gluten free D-mergencies)
  • Hard cider (gluten free plus the merest whisper of intoxication)
  • Kettle-cooked potato chips. Tortilla chips. Crackers
  • Over-large amounts of perfectly fine things: half grapefruit (yay); two entire grapefruits (boo). Or this: an entire head of celery. Or this: one clementine followed by three more clementines (so easy to peel!)

Try, try again.

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