A Mother and a Father, their Son, his Brother

Same beach, different day.

Same beach, different day.

End of lovely, long beach day.

Mother sees:

Child no longer on beach (lost at sea?), probably left to shower (he should have said something!), abandon group before help carry boogie boards/chairs (Why is he being so inconsiderate?), not re-attach insulin pump (It’s been off for almost an hour!). Spouse finds child sitting on top of car. (That could damage my car!)

Father sees:

Child left beach with d-bag (so responsible!), not re-attach insulin pump (He didn’t want his Spibelt to get all wet; smart!), sit on top of car/wait for family (easy to spot from distance; smart again!)

Child sees:

I just felt like going back to the car by myself. I felt like I’m not so little any more that I need to be with you all of the time, as long as I have my medical bag with me. I like sitting on the roof of the car.

Brother sees:

If we leave right now, maybe I can still see some of the World Cup. Come on.


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