Endo Day: What I Heard

BlankMain problem is why so much need pat on back all of the time?

Pretty sure other things were said during endo appointment, but this all Bigfoot heard (with didn’t-says in purple):

  • You never set the date on this meter so I can’t download it. It says all of the data is from January 2013.

(Uh, um, err, that’s sort of like our back up meter? Our normal one ran out of power and when we went to charge it I found this old one and just have been using it while the other one charges, I mean, I am sure our real meter is done charging by now but this is just the one we had out on the counter…)

  • The Dexcom pie shows he was low 13% of the time. That is too much. I am changing all of your pump settings.

(Um, herm, well, yeah, but the last three days have been no-hitters, like I mean between 70 – 150, which is basically unheard of ever in our history, so I’m really reluctant to change anything right now, even though I know being low 13% of the time is not good at all, but seriously I do not want to change anything. Three days IN A ROW.)

  • What happened last Tuesday night? It looks like he was low all night.

(I have no idea. Maybe Joe would be able remember. I think he was up all night, because he’s caught up to me on House of Cards. I think I remember juice boxes in the wastepaper basket. They were all on school vacation last week, maybe they’d been biking? I don’t remember. I have no idea. I mean you’re right that looks really bad, but it’s not like we were asleep. Well, I was asleep. But it’s not like we were BOTH asleep.)

  • (BEEP!) Can you read the screen on that machine for me, sweetie?

BUBS: Um, it says, aitch be ay one sea six point zero percent

ENDO: What do you think?

BUBS: (Shrugs, looks at Bigfoot for guidance)

BIGFOOT: (Deep breath) I think it’s just a number. It is not good or bad. It is just data.

BUBS: (Looks worried)

BIGFOOT: But I mean, obviously, I think it’s GOOD. Yet just a number. But as far as good or bad I guess I’d say…good job?

ENDO: It means over the last three months your numbers were in range often.

I was ready to be all, "Oh, You Want to See ? Just a Normal Day for Us Now That I Finally Got the Settings Just So After Weeks of Hell.

I was ready to be all, “Oh, my Share app? Sure, you can see.” And, “Oh, this? Yes, that’s the 24-hour view. Ever since I got the pump settings JUST RIGHT three days ago, it’s like this all of the time!” (All the while, one thumb would be placed just so over red dot at 3AM.)

Noteworthy not-heards:

  • Rumble of prize armoire doors as they open to reveal a selection of Boden tunics/puppies/other unimagined, better prizes.
  • Receptionist cues up recording of Specials Pressure Drop. (Followed by sound of everyone dancing around office.)
  • This anticipated line of questioning: Oh, so you use the Share app? How do you like it? Can I see what it looks like?

Bigfoot say other thing

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