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Mushmouth is unimpressed by everything diabetes has to offer,

Mushmouth is unimpressed by everything diabetes has to offer, and has no illustrative photograph. Also she is ashamed that she wrote this post instead of walking the dog.

Yesterday. Visit endo re possible Inset 30 allergy.

That moment, site (12 hours old) not inflamed. Therefore allergy unconfirmed by science. Bigfoot try release Rapidly Worsening Allergy narrative, follow medical advice, put RWA theory out of mind, just change site every 18 hours until metal sets arrive on scene.

But wait—more: yesterday endo notice insulin total daily dose (TDD) low for Bubs-size/age person.

Weight/calculations w. computer. Never noticed this variety calculation before. Bubs TDD (insulin, natch) approx. 0.5u/kg body weight. More normal for age/weight is 0.8u/kg.

(But isn’t it a good thing to be insulin sensitive? He is healthy, happy, growing, and strong. Why would it be beneficial for him to require more insulin? )

Another clue: lost 1/3rd pound since January. [Had gained some significant amount like 2 or 3 or 4 lbs. between October-January (upon beginning GF diet.)]

But…grew taller. So…BMI down. BMI 16.22, 31.26%ile for age. (Height 84.72%ile; weight 55.7%ile <—sounds fine this mother.)

(Aren’t some people just naturally slim? And isn’t the percentile variety of statistic inclusive of the infamous post-millenial American (obese) end of the spectrum? Why is it relevant how much slimmer he is than the average American child when we know the average American child is a metabolically dysfunctional chubalub? And not being average doesn’t mean he’s not healthy. Right?)

More science opinion: not so bad not gain weight, but not good/actually pretty bad lose weight while grow taller.

(Why? Do weight and height always increase in lockstep in a healthy child? Don’t kids sort of famously chub up, then grow taller and thin out?)

(NB: Bubs is not skinny. He is not even noteworth-ily thin. No one would ever say, “Look at that skinny kid.” He is just kind of tall and narrow, a la Michael Cera in Juno, but younger/no wristbands.)

@office, only question actually find route out of mouth = So he needs more insulin to gain weight? And then we’d need to feed him more carbs?

ENDO: (Silent w. eye contact over reading glasses vibe Bigfoot interpret as “You got it, babe.”)

BIGFOOT: Why would we want him to take more insulin, just to eat a bunch of carbs?
ENDO: It’s not really that. It’s more that we don’t want to see him not gaining weight

BIGFOOT: But so like if we have bagels, I always slice them thin, because I think it’s better to have 40 grams of junky carbs than 80 grams, and also then he’ll have more room for other, more nutritious stuff. Do you mean it would be better for him to have the whole 80 grams of gluten free–you know, total crud–bagel carbs?

ENDO: You could get more nutritious bagels

BIGFOOT: Well but the paleo bagels don’t really have carbs–they’re just like…egg and flax

ENDO: Well, there you go. Flax is full of carbs

BIGFOOT: (((?)))

Really, impossible discuss high carb diet Bigfoot. Unbeliever. So skeptical traditional advice, but then…who else turn to? No doubt endo well-informed, caring, smart. But…child healthy, happy. Why necessary plumpify?

Anyway, @home use BMI calculator. Calculator reveal healthy range 4′ 11″ eleven-year-old boy = 72 – 100 lbs. So Bubs, @81.3 lbs., not even near skinny end of spectrum. Medium. Middle. Happy. Healthy.

What if alternative universe Bubs 90 lbs? Dr. would advise weight loss? Because so important child hit bullseye 50%ile?

Think maybe best practice = eat real food, bolus insulin match g CHO. Not slip into “how to create the most average-size child in the world” statistical death spiral. Deep breath. Hard think all day: How can I best take care of my child? And always turn up no satisfactory answer.

Someone Facebook group post simple, obvious, true thing. Rang in heart like bell, can’t stop turn over in mind: Why can’t diabetes just mathematically make sense? Add, divide, inject = perfect. A carb should = a carb. One unit of insulin should reliably cover a set number of carbs. Ugh.

Same same! Bad enough require continuous number-crunching/needles/care, but then for effort not –> desired result? Feels freshly ferned up.


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