Allergy. Maybe. What?

A small problem.

Beginning of time – February 2014: change infusion set every 48-72 hours. Skip merrily everywhere we go without a complaint or care.

February 2014: Things become slightly wretched.

Begin to need to change infusion set every 48 hours promptly or face a kind of sudden high that isn’t resolved via correction bolus. Begin pattern of: see high (hello, you!), correct w. syringe, and think, “Dang. We need to remember to change the set promptly and for sure every 48 hours.” Notice small, red, non-oozy bump upon removal of old set.

March 2014: Wretchedness frequency/intensity increases.

Always remember to change the set within 48 hours. Pat self on back. But then notice pattern of kind of sudden highs around 40, 38, 36 hours that aren’t resolved with correction boli. Correct with syringe, change site, yadda yadda yadda and think, “It is dawning on me that this is getting worse and worse.” Notice larger, redder, sometimes slightly oozy (a teardrop amount–lymphatic system is weeping in sympathy?) bump upon removal of old set.

Middle March 2014: Realization that this is not going to just go away or improve dawns on me. Oh bother.

Ask endo if we can/should/might switch to metal sets. Yes, but Animas says the only way to get the sets is if an Animas rep brings the sets to the endo and trains us to use them. Endo sent all information to Animas over 1 week ago, to request a rep do this procedure. Animas is still locating the rep, it seems. Is the rep very shy? Or what? Why is this taking so long? It feels rather pressing from my point of view. I thought everything would happen within, say, two days. Wrong.

End of March 2014: Something has to happen.

Ohhh. Are we supposed to return to Lantus while we wait for that rep to appear? At this rate, by the end of the week we will be kachunking every 5 hours, which seems a bit much. Right? Or what? So. Right. I’m out of ideas.

We have Lantus pens in the fridge. Am I supposed to know what to do with them? I am, aren’t I? But I don’t. I imagine you take the u/hour of your lowest basal segment, multiply by 24, inject that amount of Lantus (remembering to do so daily, please), and prepare to do a lot of correcting.


What do regular people do in this situation?

And is being allergic to teflon (or whatever is in Inset 30’s) going to turn out to be another big to-do, celiac style? Or is it just a matter of not putting teflon (or whatever) under the person’s skin?


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