All-Natural Chemophobia


One zillion thanks to James Kennedy in Haileybury, Australia who generously shares his posters. Cute T-shirts too!

Reading ingredient labels has depleted me of my life force, not only because of the squinting and thinking but also due to the burden of knowing the ingredients in things. Many sound so scary.

That’s why these posters from the brilliant chemistry teacher James Kennedy made me so happy.

What I mean is I’m tired of reading labels, hunting for secret terms for gluten and/or secret codes for You Are Making Cancer Happen Now or You’re A Bad One, You Are. And even if I don’t find any of the secret words, I wind up loathing the thing I read about. It’s the letter jumbles like those above (methy? ethyl? hexa?), in the banana poster, which make everything seem sinister.

So hooray! If even a little blueberry sounds sinister when broken down into its chemical components…maybe that Glutino poptart/Dr. Bronner’s toothpaste/Ikea rhubarb syrup is not a ticket to hell.


Meanwhile, Bubs had his endo visit this week. Everything was fine, sort of. He grew taller. He did not gain weight. He, err, lost a tiny bit of weight. So his BMI went down. This is a familiar pattern from the pre-celiac diagnosis time so we will get the TTG IGG IPA WTH FML  labs drawn to discern how bad my label reading has been. (Or, more likely, to detect flaws in my gauge of whether all of those Indian/Thai/ice cream restaurants have been catching my drift.)

(I can read a ferning label.)

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