Endo Day


The A1c is coming: look busy.

New endo. Lesson for how to be. How to be health care provider, how to pediatrics, how to communicate parents, how to boots, how to breezy, how to smart. Bubs happy too. Depart smiling, Rock the Casbah drive home. Bahm-bahm-ba-ba-bahm-bahm. She’s nice!

Difference is personal, mood, spirit of thing. Didn’t know would want, could want, would like, nahhh, you’re doing great; I don’t even want to see your Dexcom data, unless you really want me to, in lieu of let’s see how I can apply science to improve this. More like cracking up because topic of a tic or other Tourette’s-like thing could seem to be autoimmune-related & Bubs shares his belief this afflicted person also has lice. More like if we lined up one hundred boys your age, you would be taller than seventy-two of them, less like we need to make sure you are growing normally. More like comparing favorite Pump Peelz patterns. More like what’s bugging you that we should try to fix? And more like You are a rock star, you should give lessons. What is your secret? 

(Not actual quotes.)

Share report card not for brag/proud, but for share sense of warmth-hope-relief. This doctor same spirit of helpy-kinship when #s crappy? Think so. Same spirit of you can do it, you are doing it, keep it up, see you soon, here to help, you’re the expert, you know better than me how to.

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Do nothing but continue to be amazing. <—How to win hearts and minds.

Someday A1c will be different. Hope on difference day still same doctor. Heart fill w. gratitude doctor exists. Brain skips ahead to do they have to change endo practices when they turn 18? 21? How about during grad school? Exceptions ever made? Other brain reminds: enjoy this moment of excellent patient-doctor match. Happy time = now.

Bigfoot say other thing

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