Tra la la, not calling, not even really looking.

As of a few days ago, my policy is to pretty much never look at Share while Bubs is at school.

Yesterday I got into my car and I accidentally looked. The boy was low, and had been for almost two hours, or at least Share said so. The usual chain of events happened. (The urge to text-nudge him to treat the low and/or prompt him to reassure me all’s well. While not wanting to interrupt him at school/let on that I was looking. Followed by the urge to call the nurse to ask if he had treated the low and/or have her reassure me he was ok.)

I recognized this was mostly about my own need to be reassured, not about actually being helpful. So I started to drive home.

A few minutes later, okay-ness confirmed.

A few minutes later, okay-ness confirmed.

When I got home, I peeked at Share. Bubs = fine. Not texting/calling was correct, wise, safe, and all of those good qualities. Good job, me! “Well look at that, I am learning to be a normal human being,” I thought. “Me, me, me, so grown up,” I thought next, like any regular adult person thinks after doing some normal thing.

After the after school activities, as Bubs buckled into the car, he asked if he could go to bed early. I asked if he was feeling okay. He had never before expressed interest in going to bed at all, never mind early. He told me something embarrassing had happened. The embarrassing thing was that he’d fallen asleep in class. He said he woke up on the floor with the teacher gently asking if he was okay and suggesting the attention of the nurse.

BF: Oh, errr—was this at around (whatever) o’clock? I could see on the Share you were low.

BUBS: No, it wasn’t that. I didn’t feel low. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open and the next thing I knew I was on the floor. I think I just…fell asleep.

BF: Oh. But was it at the same time that you were low?

BUBS: Um, nahhh, I don’t think I was low yet. And it was weird; I just was sitting there, and then I guess I fell asleep and then I woke up on the floor, and the teacher was like, Whoa, buddy, hey, buddy.

BF: Could it be that you were really low, and that’s what made you feel like sleeping on the floor?

BUBS: Well no, but when I got to the nurse I was low. But in class, I was just suddenly asleep, and then I was awake, and I was in the nurse’s office and I was low.

This is a new thing. But what is the thing? Not recognizing lows as lows, liking class so much he doesn’t want to leave, hormones, Mademoiselle Grey tea instead of decaf black tea, of rainy/chilly instead of muggy/hot…? Or the new thing could be narcolepsy? (Narcolepsy followed by low BG.) I don’t know how to do this at all.

Meanwhile, this got my complete attention. Totally together people, with a totally together kid, had an out-of-the-blue low, complete with floor.

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