FFL 2014: Possible GF Dinners

Notes to self. Restaurants boys will probably like (found on Gluten Free in Orlando‘s Restaurant List  &/or Celiac in Orlando), &/or Find Me Gluten Free Orlando, listed in order of my preference:

  • PizzAmore (GF beer list!) (Creme brulee JACK) (48 minutes, but maybe it is normal to drive this far if you are not from Rhode Island)
  • Toasted (B: truffle fries!) burgers, grilled cheese, things I would like & cute logo (46 minutes)
  • Tijuana Flats & carbs chart (Mixed reviews re GF/not GF. Next door to crepes <above> if people can’t agree?)

Safe & familiar:

We’re going to get all plumped up in Orlando. There’s a ton of GF food.


5 responses to “FFL 2014: Possible GF Dinners

  1. what happens when you do this search on Swankingville?

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  2. Mary Margaret

    Noodles & Co, meh food, questionable of the GF front. At least at the one that was here a few years ago. I wish I were coming to FFL, seems like good fun. I am looking forward to the reports.

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  3. Is there a spare seat in your car for me in case Kim and Jess don’t want to eat GF? ;)

    (I don’t know your opinion on Chick-fi-A but you can eat GF there too. Grilled chicken nuggets + their fries are safe.)


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