Candide, meet Candida

News just in: Bigfoot not reverse Type 1 diabetes.

breakfast of champions

breakfast of champions

Forgive. So optimistic did so. Because evidence: before KM60, fasting BGs always in hundred-teen mg/dL. With consistent application KM60, fasting BG in 80s. And so. There have it. Slap-wipe hands noisily for satisfied gesture. Cured.

Since cured, not test BG for some time. But now overwhelmed w. candida problem, multiple body parts. (Sorry.) Every google-place say uncontrolled diabetes = candida problems.

Meanwhile, annual physical & TrialNet Joslin LIFT study scheduled January. So not run to doctor immediately. Instead test BG throughout day, see whazzup.

Today before breakfast: 80-something mg/dL. (Ka-ching. I’m still cured! Baby fist pump.) Have classic KM60 breakfast: one minute muffin, generous peanut butter, coffee w. cream. (15-ish g CHO.)

Test before afternoon car lunch: 90-something mg/dL. Drink blueberry kefir, 20g CHO w. 11g protein. 20g CHO a lot all at once, but think protein mitigate CHO spike + also need scarf up as many probiotocs as possible because candida.

that's not very impressive

142 is not too lavish

Hour later 140-something. (Well, okay. 20g too much at once, obvsly.)

2 hours later 160-something. (Fuuuuuuck.)

And then this. I included the front of the bottle so I'd remember who did this to me

Woe is me. I included the front of the bottle so I’d remember who got this ball rolling.

Arrive home. Urgent need make cookies. Red alert! Must avoid returning to normal range. Eat cookies. I repeat: eat cookies! Mind can feel chocolate chip resistance against molars, followed by crush, then creamy rush chocolaty goodness. Chocolate crazed! Cookies cookies cookies. Meanwhile, BG 160-something entire time, candida make out & multiply.

So, anyway. Not sure this noteworthy; no surprise anyone but Bigfoot Bigfoot not find miracle cure.

Ever notice that you don’t meet poor people with special diet needs? A gluten intolerant house cleaner? A cab driver with Candida? Candida is what I call a rich, white person problem. You know you’ve really made it in this world when you get Candida.

the cookie dough is made from chick peas, but the chocolate chips are made from chocolate.

The cookie dough is made from chick peas, but the chocolate chips are made from chocolate.

3 responses to “Candide, meet Candida

  1. :(. So sorry about the candida (and not-so-perfect non-d BG numbers). My daughter had what I later learned was probably a candida infestation about 2 weeks prior to her T1 diagnosis. She was complaining of itchiness and had some redness, her pediatrician just said it looked like she had a scratch and it would go away. Apparently though it was just foreshadowing for the much greater evil lurking in her body that was discovered later – dead beta cells.

    Just remember that you’re getting the “good” kind of diabetes, where you can eat whatever you want and just take insulin for it, when you start needing insulin. (that statement is pure sarcasm – just so we’re clear)


  2. 160s have to be the most annoying numbers evah! Just high enough not to be “normal”, not high enough to be an oh-my-gosh-DKA-get-on-insulin emergency.


  3. Itchy yucky ow. So sorry. Probiotics. Your new friend.


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