Poor Joe

Riding on Insulin. They had fun! I wasn't there.

Riding on Insulin. They had fun! I wasn’t there.

Riding on Insulin Massachusetts Saturday. Bubs, West Bay Bubs, West Bay Sister, 40+ other children attend. Joe accompany Bubs because Joe snowboard expert. Bubs report good time. Happy.

Mollie Busby is SO nice and she has a walkie talkie!

We want to go snowboarding there again!

We got to wear these arm bands!

One kid used glucagon when he was low! He said he did it all of the time!

Those Hershey nuggets are really something.

Those Hershey nuggets are really something.

Joe report shame: parent discussion group, someone ask pump name, Joe not remember Animas. Parent respond, what do you mean you don’t remember? Also shame: Bubs & WBB order same meal: steak frites. WBB eat only steak part, Bubs eat only frites. WBB family see Joe preside over complete disaster meal. Poor Joe.

Meanwhile, Bigfoot/Jack stay home. It Mother & Son Carb Freedom Fest. Friday night dinner at The Beehive. Then Cadbury Minieggs dessert. Then fill Superbowl pinata assorted chocolates, maybe eat one, two, or seven. Saturday morning breakfast at Tazza. Saturday Linner/Dunch at Chipotle. Then shop for jeans at Gap. (Tip: “Sexy Boyfriend” = skinny jeans for booty-rich woman. Challenge decipher jeans names: “Legging Jean,” “Always Skinny” = for actual skinny persons size 0-14. “Curvy” = boot-cut for woman from 1990’s.) Then shop Super Bowl snack Trader Joe’s. Then for farewell Carb Freedom Fest, visit Orange Leaf frozen yogurt.

We shared one small bag. There were only about six inside.

We shared one small bag of Mini Eggs. There were only about six inside, or the person in charge of divvying them up was not completely aboveboard.

Carb Freedom Fest not so thrill. It really more about Freedom Carb Math Tyranny than eat yummy food. Because still feel sick if eat too many sweets.

Sunday, boys visit Rhode Island’s own ski hill for tubing adventure with friends + 7,000 other (possibly curious, observant) people from town. Bigfoot stay home, make Superbowl foods. Buy pens, notebooks. Browse bookstore. Then receive text re perhaps most extreme instance HRPD to date. Cringe.

I'm glad I missed this one.

I’m glad I missed this one.

Poor Joe.

7 responses to “Poor Joe

  1. Reyna

    Joe is a rock star!


  2. So many comments racing around my head smurfed up? That is new to me, v. cute. I love Cadbury eggs, be they mini or standard sized. They don’t sell them here, so I made some one year, if you can believe that.
    And I always assumed only moms felt the shame like that, I thought dads were immune.


  3. Nicole P

    I love that you live in Honky-ton. Just saying.

    Other comments: I forgot the name of my pump once. I wasn’t low. Tell Joe No Big Deal.

    I love deciphering jeans names. Skinny Flat, Skinny Kick, Slim Boot (for year 2012 boot cut woman)….

    My brothers say to this day they loved went I was out of the house because it meant they could eat again.

    That sounds like a mind-bogglingly sucky low. I hate those.

    Also – I was in Honky-ton (on Meadowbrook Drive) last night for a meeting. Is that near you?


  4. When are they going to start actually correctly labeling jeans? “For tiny people you want to hit when you see” “For fit and slender folks” “For fit but NOT so slender folks” <- this is me "For the not so fit" "These are comfy" "These are your one week a month pants, enjoy!"

    These labels I could understand…

    Joe is such a good sport! Poor Marshall got a really bad one from me the other night. He came home from playing music with friends to sleeping girlfriend (well trying to sleep girlfriend) who promptly bit his head off, and then chased him through the house continuing to bite his head off… Even after I figured out I was low I kept on raging… poor Marshall… (I'll post on this soon)

    I wish I could hide from diabetes and have a secret carb binge… let me know if you figure that one out ;)


  5. i love that you added an apostrophe in red. LOVE.

    hi. prepare for a tsunami of comments.


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