Peeve: One at a Time, Please

Extremely strong preference use up open thing before open new one same thing. Not sure roots: thrift? OCD? Ordinary persnickety? Anxiety regarding two sames open same time increase with item value $US + longevity.

Level 1: Kind of annoy, but ok:

Both are 1/3 full. I realize it will not break the bank to chuck them.

Both are 1/3 full. I realize it will not break the bank to chuck them. This happened last night. I was the apple.

Level 2: annoyance + whisper of character judgment. How bratty to open your favorite flavor instead of using the open flavor! And No one likes the blueberry! Do your fair share of blueberry! <–That style of thoughts.

The yellow line indicates the fullness level. Our family attributed never getting sick to kefir consumption---until this week when Joe got pinkeye

The yellow line indicates the fullness level. Our family attributes never getting sick to kefir consumption—except for this week when Joe got pinkeye

Level 3: Regret + possible develop eating disorder. Marmalade only use occasionally, toast. Currently two large jars open. Take entire year consume one jar. Too much pressure eat marmalade aaaaaagh! Intensity of bad feeling worsened by fact: it Bigfoot fault.

I rue the day (Tuesday) I opened that jar of Danish Choice. I'll be living with this error for years.

I rue the day (Tuesday) I opened that jar of Danish Choice. I’ll be living with this error for years.

Level 4: Uber anxiety. What if we get into a THE ROAD situation? Why hasn’t the three-month mail-order supply arrived yet?
And This is so wasteful—the camera man/spies will definitely include it in the reality show about me to illustrate how wasteful I am.

I can tell we're going to avoid the emptier bottle, because he'll require some pretty intense syringe moves to avoid sucking in air.

I know how this plays out: we will avoid the emptier bottle because of the advanced syringe work it will require. Please never do this again.

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10 responses to “Peeve: One at a Time, Please

  1. :) This is so me… I go through my mother’s fridge all the time because she always has multiple bottles/jars of condiments open ugh! I usually have to throw away multiple days worth of both types of insulin that I use because I don’t consume enough of it before the vial starts to get cloudy. I just know if I leave the Lantus in the fridge I will be out at night when it’s time to take my dose… clearly I must carry it with me everywhere, duh! I suppose I should be glad my insulin requirements are low enough that this happens but… well… it drives me crazy!


    • I have THREE open bottles of toasted sesame oil in my pantry. I didn’t include them in this museum because it’s too upsetting. Thanks for hearing me!


      • Blue cheese dressing is always the culprit in my mother’s fridge… I don’t even like blue cheese and I am always trying to consolidate it. And Marshall leaves half full Capri Sun pouches (which are supposedly for my lows…) around the house… when he gets home from work I present him with his wounded soldiers for finishing… I’m terrible!


      • half-full capri suns seem especially egregious. so floppy, so squirty.


  2. Amy

    GREAT. You got me started. This is one reason we think we need large pantries and refrigerators–too many open things. Here it is Nutella jars, cuz I’m the only one who can scrape out the last 5 servings. I am obsessed with the FIFO inventory system.


  3. My husband is bad about this. He starts a new toothpaste when there is still weeks left in the old one and I am left to finish it off alone. By the time it’s gone and I can join him in using the new tube, it’s half gone and not new anymore. One day I am just going to break down and sob that I have needs too and once in a while I want to squeeze that nice, full tube. (Makes me think of Ramona squeezing it into her sink).


  4. The juice box scenario. We buy the toddler jboxes in the baby aisle, exactly 15 carbs.


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