Oh Sandy

Staying up, eating apples, waiting for the hurricane to begin and the blood sugar to go down.

Try brave. 355 bedtime. Check ketones/change site/cartridge (before correction, duh) because this family not playing.

Bigfoot head saying “Fool, forget him.” Bigfoot heart saying, “Don’t let go.” Know not need assign blame. But:

  • Hurricane Sandy on way <–too exciting?
  • 25th anniversary Bigfoot Spouse little sister die (car accident, age 16) <–possible Bubs some existential turmoil this complex family issue?
  • Pasta perhaps overcook while Bigfoot mother-in-law rope unenthusiastic BSpouse into exhume deck chair cushions/mitten ‘n’ hat storage bin/ large, battered ottoman from XXX-crowded attic; pasta take advantage opportunity release subatomic carb particle <– delayed-release dark magic for hyperglycemia bomb?
  • Pasta shape preemie hospital bracelet/metastasized calamari; also clay bowl brim w. flabby sausage unknown animal <–stimulate fear/adrenaline?
  • BJ Wholesale Club pumpkin pie (<–this patisserie not worth roll hyperglycemia dice. Golden seal w. embossed monogram not fool Bigfoot next time)
  • Grief/devastation atmosphere <–more adrenaline?
  • Before even one raindrop hit, schools announce CLOSED <–also adrenaline (fear &/or tickled pink)
  • Weird weird weird gloomy day w. weird food = all day Bigfoot kind of hungry. Subliminal level Bigfoot hungry = diabetic child in proximity not possible high BG bc if anything, seems like everyone quite low. Therefore not check BG 2h pp, only listen for I feel low <–not so sharp for science

Two episodes Parenthood (that 90 min. in earth time) post 355 w. EzBG prescribed correction + 0.25u for luck, 305. Fuuuuuuuck youuuuuuuu. (Not you per se.) Now Bigfoot try stay awake but not eat cookies. Eat apples. Make soup. Make bread. Maybe make cornbread. Make ice. Everyone predict power outage.

11 responses to “Oh Sandy

  1. Let me know when you get to S3 E16. *sniff, sniff*
    Stay safe!


  2. ooh–i’ll get there tonight for SURE! i’m halfway through S3 E14 which is ho-hum because i don’t care about zeke’s health. i hope something bad happens so someone i like PDQ.


  3. Hang in there!

    Side note: I love it when school closes for floods and political unrest. Teachers probably aren’t supposed to say that but it’s true!


  4. earthling

    Noodles = BG slingshot, aim moon? – This true earthling too. Find pasta brand work better if can eat wheat. Not know why Jerusalem artichoke in flour help but for earthling, does. Called “DeBoles”, is organic.

    Also, like Bubs, EZbg not work for earthling if bg > 240. By 350 need maybe double amt. stupid EZbg suggest? Not know why. Insulin resistance someone say. Why Animas not program EZbg mirror parabolic moon shot of ISF for?

    “Sandy” here, my town = bi-polar local librarian woman. Also very scary, employee say. Earthling wish Bigfoot family safe. Earthling spouse think God maybe intervene in election, punch East Coast in nose, give President chance be hero, help people. Go Sandy. Be safe. Whole US watch, hold breath.


  5. beginning of post has visions of hot dogs doing flips and jumping into a bun on the drive in screen. oh, sandy. stupid fucking stubborn overnight high bgs. at least you’re getting lots of quality parenthood time. ;P hope cyclone sandy doesn’t do any damage where you are. <3


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