New Endo

New Endo personality very warm, kind. Example: for conversation starter ask Bubs if any pets. When Bubs say Butter! Our dog! He’s kind of crazy. For follow up inquire heritage emotionally disturb dog. Instead of say, “I’ve met a lot of obnoxious wheaten terriers” like typical Rhode Island conversationalist, New Endo say: Oooh, they’re sooooo soft.

Also New Endo cat diabetes! On Lantus! Ha! Sorry guess not funny/cute when cat have disease. Bigfoot think funny picture cat lie belly, New Endo wipe kittyfur bottom w alcohol swipe.

Also New Endo = same endo West Bay Bubs. When WBB mom hear of Dr. Doughnut test strip Rx forced belt-tighten say, “I can’t believe that! I’d be horrified!” Feel like WBB, New Endo on same page Bigfoot, i.e. hover somewhere on spectrum of: trust me, you don’t need to micromanage my strips/hands off my strips, bitch/I’m building an igloo out of strips in my fortress of insulin vials and it’s none of your fucking business.

Also New Endo spend long time review medical history, ask questions. Also tell Bigfoot Bubs need eye exam. (Sorry Bigfoot not know this on own initiative. Thought eye part this show would come much later.)

Also when time for Rx talk, New Endo ask, “How many {whatevers} do you like to have each month,” etc. while tap-tap-type into computer for send pharmacy. So simple. Thank you.

Also tell Bigfoot see in chart from Coro note re “parents test too much”, but New Endo disagree–not see any unnecessaries. Thank you.

However. Bigfoot come clean. Lately cut out few tests. Like this one:

Cut out test before bike to school. Instead, Bigfoot walk Butter toward school while Bubs dart off on bike. That way, Bigfoot/dog act as “sweeper” for supine child roadside. Since Bubs eat/bolus within 45 minutes bike, BG fairly irrelevant. Unless low. But. Then would feel low. Unless. Whatever.

And this one:

Cut out test bedtime because often dinner/dessert within 2 hours bedtime. (E.g. Eat 6:30PM, Bubs bed 8:30PM. Just test 10/11PM when adults bed.)


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15 responses to “New Endo

  1. g

    success! i’m in tears for you…sounds like a great fit in the new endo!!! can’t WAIT to see the ‘test strip igloo’!!! great response back as well…can i hire you to write all my future tricky emails!

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    • Thanks. I still can’t believe you read these things. When we see each other in person, let’s pretend it never happened!

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      • g

        I do…don’t I? :) you really are a good writer regardless of subject although B is a pretty interesting one as is/are annoying doctors who don’t get it! You might feel the same way if I were to explain math or hydrology to you! Maybe not though!!!

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  2. So glad to hear you’re on your way with a new doc. I have to admit that your last doc’s e-mail to you sort of rubbed me the wrong way. She wasn’t wishing you the best, she was taking a jab at you for leaving (that whole “but you’re losing a great team of blah blah blah” what a bunch of bullkaka).

    Here’s to great teamwork with the new docs, and to testing as many times as you and bubs feel you need to!

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    • Thank you! It rubbed ME the wrong way too! I was all, “Ohhhh, good point—that dietician* was SOOOOO helpful with those expert insights about making sure he eats FRUITS AND VEGETABLES and MATCHING INSULIN TO CARBS.” (*a very nice person.) And all, “YEAH, those Brown fellows are FANTASTIC—it’s going to be a REAL DRAG having the ACTUAL ENDOCRINOLOGIST calling me back.” But then I thought I was being a brat. So. Yeah. Thanks, Scott! I do think it was nice of her to write to me though.

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  3. Meredith Wakelyn

    Well done. The whole test strip thing got my mother hackles up. Wise to find a more supportive Doc.

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  4. I think your response was perfect. You were polite but firm that there was a reason you had to pass on their ‘excellent team’.

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  5. Linda

    Woooo Hooo!

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  6. Pam

    Yay. In opinion, for whatever it’s worth, an endo is there to empower us to manage diabetes, not to manage it for us. Test strip prescribing alone shows this new doc operates more along those lines.

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  7. Julia

    The real reason Dr. Dougnut won’t give you the strips you need is that getting a preauthorization from the insurance company takes TIME. And time equals MONEY. It’s a PITA for the endo, the calling of the insurance company personally, the paperwork, etc. Time, that in some endo’s view, that could be better spent seeing and billing more patients. Even the most competent diabetes team can be replaced (a lot of people hire Gary Scheiner on a part time basis and he is superb). He trained the only competent CDE we had at a top diabetes center in New York, who also had Type 1. So there are certainly plenty of good options for CDE replacement. But sounds like your endo will deal with you personally. Even better! If Bubs wore cgms, he could certainly cut down on many of his tests but he would still have to do a fingerstick any time he doses insulin. And little boys, unlike adults, do not sit around on their tushes all day. Don’t the instructions on exercise you take home from the hospital tell you to test before, after and each hour to an hour and a half during exercise? Guess what? Kids run around ALL day. I’m so happy you found a sympathetic endo, someone who will support you and Bubs. Moms of cwd’s, tired, exhausted, staying up many a night should not have to handle the stress of wondering how they will pay for the strips their children need. Insurance will pay if the docs will do their part. Nothing makes me more angry than doctors or other D parents implying you are testing too often and harming your child. Like we do this just for the thrill of it….. You are his Mom, with him 24/7. You know what he needs better than anyone.

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  8. reading this post, i just let out a solid sigh of relief the whole time, with a couple of spurts of laughter at appropriate moments. AAAAAHhhHhhhhhhhhhh A HAA HAAA AHAHAHHH Aaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    i agree with scott about dr. donut’s parting jab. i LOVE all the details you shared about dr. manystrips. this was clearly the right choice for your family and i am so relieved and happy for you. <3

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  9. We made a change and NEVER heard a peep from our dr. I cancelled the appt. and they never e en called to check. Needless to say I’m glad we did. Looks like the change was good for you too.

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