At the bowling party

Last night Bubs’s teacher host Duck Pin Bowling party. First time leave Bubs alone, in public, no nurse, no D-wise adult. Bigfoot, Jack, Bigfoot Spouse, classmate mom, classmate dad, classmate twin sister 1/4 mile down road at pub.

Before leaving, Bigfoot show teacher bright red bag w mobile phone, juice, Skittles, meter & friends inside. Bubs knows what to do, and everything he needs is in this bag, and he has a phone so he can call us if he has any questions, and I saw what the pizza looks like, and I wrote down how many carbs I think are in a slice, and I saw the cookies Susan made, and I wrote down the carbs for those too, and obviously if there’s an emergency you’d call 9-1-1, but for anything else he can just call us–we’ll be right down the road at the pub.

Teacher so bright eyes, nodding. Before continue story should say this teacher amazing charisma, children adore. When meet first time, forgive Bigfoot, first thing notice is super handsome fashionplate. But not traditional handsome. Somehow exist overlap area Venn diagram of Pee Wee Herman + The Situation. Wear fitted, ironed jeans/pointy-toe shoes–maybe boots?/fitted western shirts/beau coup hair gel. Somehow resulting person very magnetic, charismatic, non-threatening, inspire confidence. Profess love algebra, Miami Dolphins. Make no sense but true.

Meanwhile at pub, phone ring. It Bubs! I’m sorry I have to answer this–it’s Bubs! HELLO? Nobody there. Hear ambient bowling noise. Then hear teacher say, “Say hello! It’s your mom!”

BUBS: hi mom, I was just calling because I wanted to have a cookie and I thought you didn’t write down the carbs but now I see you did so bye.


Bigfoot love this! Not 100% confident Bubs even think about carbs during excitement of party. After party, check pump history, can see Bubs administer four bolus. One pizza slice, another pizza slice, one cookie, another cookie. So conscientious! Sorry for brag.

Meanwhile, one of Jack’s classmates diagnosed last week. That make 7 known T1D kids.

These are my non-troubling, but still meaning some kind of something, notes from the TrialNet phone call.

Meanwhile II, TrialNet results for Bigfoot/Jack show both positive one (of five) antibody, each 3% chance develop T1D within year. Now can be part of study w. glucose tolerance test @Joslin. Really this NBD. Rare but NBD. 95% participants all negative, but one antibody not so alarm. Also possible false positive. Overnight new blood sample for re-test. Everything OK. Says Joslin.

Meanwhile III, cool article newest New Yorker re microbiome. Asthma, allergy, T1D, obesity, all increase w increase in antibiotic use. (In terms public health as well as individual mouse use.) Near future maybe science study child’s microbiome, see which bacteria missing, reintroduce. Two examples: feces transplant + ear wax transplant! So thoughtful article make Bigfoot both eager/afraid drink more kefir.

6 responses to “Bowlus

  1. oh, cool! i have the ny’er article now!


  2. Sorry for the TrialNet Results, but like you said one isn’t that much cause for alarm. When I started looking at the statistics, one looked pretty darned good compared to the three Livie has! That being said, none is always better that one – curious which one are you guys positive for? Also high/medium/low titer? Ask them to fax you the results. I just like having all the paperwork and they’re happy to do so, but just don’t if not asked.


  3. congrats to you and bubs on the solo bowling party! that’s fantastic! hi five, bubs!

    reading about the trial net stuff makes me curious about what my brother’s results would be, had the program been around when we were kids. no diabetes for him yet, fingers crossed.


  4. i’m sorry. feces transplant? FECES? TRANSPLANT? oy.

    also, you have every right to brag about your conscientious diabetic. HOLLA.

    also, was it not possible to snap a creeper photo of this pee-wee/situation hybrid? your description is endlessly entertaining!


  5. Linda

    Was at the dentist yesterday reading the Germs R Us article. All dental personnel were wearing masks, plastic gloves, and when I left the chair they had me rub my hands together with sanitizer gel…. I felt like shaking the hay, dog hair and ? out of my pockets while spitting on the floor, just to re-colonize the place with a few traces of All Important Biome. Thanks for flagging this article for us! I too am wandering around wondering what pro-biotic substance I could most benefit from consuming… Maybe garden dirt?


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