I am so glad I tried doing this to myself before using it on a kid—I found nothing about it intuitive, and a lot of the pushing/pulling to get the thing off feels like it’s wrong when it’s right.

This week Bigfoot wear Dexcom 7+. On self. Because want experience painful/unpainful sensor. Because want encourage Bubs begin use. Also consumer urge.  Bc so many people post photo/info re swish new Dexcom G4 Platinum. And Dexcom say Yes for send swish new Dexcom G4 Platinum December 2012. Learn 1x/year eligible new one. Nice.

After a double icy whisky. ALARMS!

May or may not worth note Dexcom 7+ sit unopen FedEx box in basement since December 2011. (Fear, ignorance, inertia.) Current sensor supply expire July 2012, that why Bigfoot use important medical device so frivolous manner.

Sorry not able delete this bullet mark:

  • After eating jammy toast. Up

Notice things:

  • So eager spot trends, Dex tends exaggerate. Right? EXAMPLE: Bigfoot 89 on One Touch Mini/ 87 on Dex. Drink glass of whisky, nothing. Two hours later, Dex vibrating alarm. Said 47 + dropping. Bigfoot so excited. Think I am Wonder Woman because tipsy, washing dishes, feel fine! I am one tough mother! Then realize should check in w One Touch Mini: steady at 72
  • Bigfoot not want rub in but: it extremely preferable have functioning pancreas. Very easy for eat, live, run, drive, etc. New appreciation for pancreatic function, everything autopilot. Amaze
  • Dex not hurt
  • Now Bubs less reluctant try new thing. Ask if can have turn Dexcom 7+ next week. Dexcom sent fresh 7+ sensors for use until G4 Platinum Plus arrive. Think begin beautiful relationship.

The Dex alarms. “Aha! I’m not bitch. I have low blood sugar,” she said to herself, after grumpily telling her children to be less exuberant in a corn maze. Then One Touch chimed in with a 95.

This rise happened after running while starvingly hungry. I was all, “Ooh, interesting! This could really mean something about me and my insides!” Then I checked in w One Touch Mini and, no. Still normal.

While writing this I ate cashews. Dex said I’m 154 and climbing! I got ready to–BREAKING NEWS!– diagnose myself w diabetes, preferably Type 1 so I could be all insider-y with the cool kids. One Touch Mini says 102. Still kind of high for cashews, but not high enough to impress anyone.

15 responses to “CGhmmM

  1. Dude. I don’t think that thing works.


  2. Kim

    I shall henceforth be wary of expired sensors!


  3. whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa…does this mean when i’m awful and frustrated with my kids that i’m just awful and not painfully hungry and possibly suffering?

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  4. How can it be wrong like that? Weird. That could really screw you up!


    • the thing is, i don’t think anyone counts on it to have a correct number—but it’s really cool how it tells you if you’re tanking.


      • Sara

        Repeat after me “tracking and trending”.

        It is not about the specific numbers (although it is a beautiful thing when they match). Your meter measures your blood, a CGM measures your interstitial fluid. Two different things. For example, there is a 20 minute lag time between your blood and your fluid.

        The most helpful thing about a CGM is those arrows. You know the times when you correct a high BG and you aren’t sure if it is working so you check again and again and again? With a CGM you can just watch to see if those arrows change.

        Tracking and trending.

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  5. I sooooooooooooo wish I could blame my bitchiness on lows. Alas, my pancreas works. Damn. Awesome on your new adventure with Dex. Like Sara said…trends. Joe watches his arrows like a hawk, makes him feel more comfortable…and safe.


  6. you are amazing. i freaking LOVE that you guinea pigged yourself with this! and in doing so, encouraged bubs to try! AMAZING, I SAY.

    also, wow whisky, huh?


    • I need to go research if L. uses CGM.


      • no need to research, i can just tell ya! she has a minimed cgm but she hates using it because it hurts like hell going in and it’s a pain in the ass to calibrate. she only wears it when necessary, like at sleepovers or when she wants to have more independence, like trick or treating with friends (and without us tagging along).


  7. That one touch meter uses a HUGE blood drop in comparison to many others out there. We switched from that to freestyle which has a light for night, and the fingerprick is much much much tinier and much much much less painful. Just fyi


  8. skchrisman

    I can’t wait to see your comparison post! We’re arrow watchers. Love her G4! You calibrate 2x day with maybe one tossed in the middle of the day? Numbers are more accurate. A twinzies matchup is such a win!


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