Spoiler alert! The bloody Peppermint Patty brownie wins.

Fate begins to unfold.

Incoming Boys’ Choice superhigh carb dinner: pasta w. processed vegetarian chicken puck/marinara sauce; for vegan option Tuscan bean soup w. raw kale salad on top—boys not likely choose partake this soup, but want yin soup’s yang bread. Also apples. Also aunt drop off box Halloween brownie.

Plan ahead because channel Gary Scheiner. While wait pasta water boil, bolus for 100g CHO. That very conservative estimate for meal total. Probably will be even > 125g. Huge carbs. 6:11PM.

6.25u insulin coursing through veins, working on 10g of apple. BOIL, WATER!

Immediate begin worry water too slow, ask Bubs eat apple while wait.

Water finally boil, then pasta drag feet/cook extra slowly, 6:45PM still too hard. Come on come on come on.

Eating. We made it.

Dinner finally ready 6:55PM. Bubs report not feel low, 45 minutes post huge bolus even though interim only eat 1/2 apple. Holla. Boys very hungry. Pasta, pucks, sauce, apples, water. estimated 100g CHO on estimated dot! Will need more insulin b/c dessert.

The illegible part advises you to ignore the giant plastic clasmshell box of black and white cookies.

Dessert options: aforementioned unexpected Peppermint Patty Halloween brownie vs. Boys’ Choice bakery black & white cookies. Winner=brownies. Because Bigfoot aunt extremely considerate baker, label nutrition info: 34g CHO/brownie. 2u more.

Jack decide lead Bubs in 40 jumping jacks postprandial workout. Tooth-brushing, change into loungewear, Boys’ Choice flop on bed w/ Bigfoot, watch 2nd half episode 1 season 12 Biggest Loser. Boys’ Choice!

8:20PM I feel low. 103

8:30PM (Do you still feel low?) Yes. 90. Bedtime.

Think Bubs dropping. Think: snack? But this is the time of night his number usually starts inching up. Think better test again 9PM. Think if we were using that Dexcom, this would be a double arrow down moment.

9PM 102. Think never mind the imaginary Dexcom, he’s leveling off.

Think WE NAILED IT! Think it’s sort of too bad we nailed this disastrous meal so perfectly, because I’d kind of like to stay up all night watching Parenthood and baking banana breads. Then think be careful what you wish for.

9:20PM I’m not asleep. I’m hot. (Do you feel low?) No. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.

BIGFOOT: Should we test him?


BUBS: Noooooo

BIGFOOT: I know you know how you feel, but you know how they say you might feel hot when you’re low? If you’re feeling hot, we should make sure it’s not because you’re low

BUBS: The peach tree! He should have put it in his own peach tree, not in mine! Ohhhhh. Nooooooo

BFOOT: (whispers) you should test him

BUBS: Peach tree!

BFOOT SPOUSE: He’s talking in his sleep

BUBS: Dad just poked me in the finger!


Nailed it! (Probably.) (Maybe.)

12 responses to “Supercarb

  1. Julia

    So…. how’d it go? Did you nail it? Thinking maybe because pasta takes five to seven hours to digest and insulin would be gone he did not go low? Such large boluses, for us, do not follow the insulin to carb ratio we usually give…. and I mean not at all. I usually will not bolus for more than 80 grams at a time, then recheck 1.5 hours later to see where we are. Happens very rarely around here. I don’t envy you feeding a growing boy and dosing. Boys eat a lot…even worse, teenage boys are bottomless pits…. I would be a nervous wreck.


    • Nailed it if staying up watching Parenthood was the ultimate goal! 11:30PM 225.

      Five to seven hours for pasta?! Where can I find these things out? And the insulin is done after…about three hours? I really need to get with it on the combo bolus.

      Same old story: I wish I knew what to do to make me be able to go to sleep.


      • OH GOD, the dinner drama. I was so pissed at the aunt for the brownies, but then, but then! they were labeled! It’s like when I try to serve a perfectly carb controlled dinner and my mother shows up with funnel cake covered in frosting and there damn sure aren’t any labels.

        Zoe also gets weird hot and sweaty when she is low. And guess what? She turns grey around her mouth and I can totally tell when she’s low. I’m like a service dog.

        P.S. Parenthood was kind of a bummer, I only teared up twice and I like to straight up cry during this show, it’s my emotional kryptonite.


      • The aunt is amazing. And she’s super-sharp, so I trust her calculations. This is rare.


      • Julia

        Gary Scheiner mentioned somewhere pasta takes very long time to digest…. I may not be remembering correctly….probably closer to 5 hours, though. No matter what the bolus, how we break it down, combo-wise…. we still cannot master pasta, just as we still cannot master cereal in the morning. She does eat pasta if out but cooking at home we substitute Quinoa pasta (in the turquoise box). This allows her to have two cups of pasta at once. Quinoa pasta is low glycemic but seems to digest in about two hours. She needs a lot less insulin for this pasta. So for 80 grams (about two cups cooked quinoa pasta), we bolus 50 and also give fruit or bread with it (which we bolus normally for). At 1.5 hour mark or 2 hour mark we usually have to cover IOB with food. She will never be high. Not sure if this is because there is an incorrect carbohydrate count listed for quinoa pasta or it just digests differently. Different foods need different amounts of insulin… something they omit to tell you. Cereal needs more insulin…. substantially more. We try to follow endo’s rules as much as we can. Endo has never said eat what you want and bolus for it. Endo has said eat what you want — but do not go over 70 grams per meal, do not bolus more than 70 grams tops in one sitting. The quinoa pasta usually means she can eat a decent sized dish of pasta and probably have free fruit two hours later. When I bolus for 70 or 80 grams in one sitting, insulin behaves differently. It does not follow the ICR we have established. Usually lows result. But this is our experience with our girl, who is a picky eater. I am sure if I had a growing boy, I would have to learn how to bolus for large amounts. Bottom line: Endo can’t really help you too much. Even Gary Scheiner follows the D “Rules” which may or may not work for your child. Since this is a metabolic disease, it stands to reason no two metabolisms are alike and you will have to feed, test, observe your own child, figure out a menu of reliable meals you can serve at home that will usually not cause problems. Restaurant meals…. it’s going to be hit or miss. This goes for every single D “Rule.” Insulin Sensitivity…. it should be impossible that a 100 lb teen usually has a sensitivity of 1 to 75. But endo changing this will cause extreme lows. Her basals fall only slightly lower than what they should be for her weight. Her ICRS are slightly lower than normal. You will have to observe, test, chart. And your observations will have to trump the endos, unless you are having problems. Because only you are observing your own child 24/7. Your endo is going to follow Diabetes rules what the textbook algorythms say should happen. You will have to observe what does actually happen. It will take a year or two to figure out reliable combinations of foods. And for the rest, test two hours post-prandial and either correct with insulin or cover with carbs, i.e., cover with enough carbs to be where you want his number to be 2 hours post. So if he needs to be 170 two hours post and he’s 130 and going out boost with with 8 grams, if one gram raises his BS five points.


      • Julia

        One more thing….. Insulin is not usually done in three hours. You have to set the insulin sensitivity on the pump for three hours because if high, you are certainly not going to want or need to wait until all insulin is gone and correct. But Novolog insulin usually has a duration of four to 4.5 hours. For some people duration can be 3, but that is not the norm. And Novolog has a tail that can hit hard. Apidra insulin for us has a duration of 3.5 hours and it is front-loaded, which is to say most of it is gone by 2.5 hours. And when it stops working, it stops on a dime…. stops abruptly. Novolog took the full 4.5 hours to get out of her system, which is why we are on Apidira.


      • we have humalog—i need to find out the timing for it. i have NO CLUE. why does everyone not use apidra?


      • Sara

        Everyone doesn’t use Apidra because insurance is stupid!

        But really, most insurances cover it at 3rd tier ($$$) while Humalog and Novolog are first or second tier ($, $$).

        Also some people find that Apidra can be more temperature sensitive and does not last as long so it does not work as well in their pumps (I don’t seem to have this problem)


  2. I’ve seen up through Season One, Episode 11—about 40 episodes behind the current era. I am already growing weary of that Hayden Caruth’s rubbery, philandering face. That’s not the right name for the actor. Zeke–the patriarch, I mean. I hope he gets kicked off of the show soon.

    You ARE like a service dog. Shouldn’t *I* be like a service dog by now? 14 MONTHS IN!


  3. I thought your mention of watching Parenthood was so cute and funny how matter of fact you were about it. I was imagining you staying up to watch the old Steve Martin movie….


  4. oh man how i love those NAILED IT moments. what was up with the peach tree though?

    i have to try to remember which parenthood episode made me the biggest emotional mess ever. might be in your near future.


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