No D-Day: Peek into Fabulousness of Bigfoot Life

Today is No D-day! First impression: sad. Make Bigfoot confront fact of so much personality, life, identity currently wrap up Nameless Disease. Pathetic. However, after five minute inventory surroundings, find several other things spark enthusiasm.

Typical thing like The Daily Show, chocolate, October weather, fresh sheets, UNO, hugs/kisses (within reason). Bigfoot not shallow! Multi-dimension! More facets make this gem glow:

This moisturizer is money.


The new series of Lego mini-figures is pretty rad, and I am proud to have figured out the deft maneuver required to get the alien vampire’s collar to flare just right

Caitlin Moran

All weather ping pong tables and three-star balls.

Bundt cakes

Emotionally disturbed dogs

I like to run, then run straight into the shower and have a very cold wheat beer and towel delivered. I like to shave my legs with my husband’s face razor because it is always fresh and sharp, whereas my own razor ran out of replacement blades in 2006.

Neutrogena Rainbath

I have a child with no known problems. He is eleven. He runs X-C. I barely pay attention to him, except to play ping pong or study for vocabulary tests. I take annoying movies of him running and make him cringe. Yesterday he made pumpkin truffles that taste really good but immediately after consumption make you feel like hurling.

17 responses to “No D-Day: Peek into Fabulousness of Bigfoot Life

  1. I ADORE Weleda Skin Food along with most other Weleda products. Loved reading this. Thanks for sharing!


  2. Michelle Phaneuf

    I love that Weleda Skin Food. Smells like a gin & tonic.


  3. Rainbath is always in my shower. The smell always brings me back to my grandparent’s house and the happy memories of times past.


  4. I’m sure you’ve heard this quote because everyone probably has, but it gives me comfort: fairness isn’t giving everyone the same, it’s giving everyone what they need. In case it ever seems unfair that one of the bros gets all the attention because of a reason-that-shall-remain-nameless.

    And what was that fermenting up there? Very curious.


  5. Sara

    We need more dog stories! I can tell there are stories just waiting from that picture!


  6. Just learned several new products I will now have to try. Thanks.

    Also, if you like emotionally disturbed dogs, are you familiar with Hyperbole and a Half? Love this post about her dogs and moving day:


    • I do love H and a Half—her dog is one of the factors that allowed me to continue to live with my dog, even though my dog is worse. (My dog is not just dumb and strange, but also pretty mean.)


  7. your post run-shower habit sounds like something I need to try!


  8. Nicolep

    Katy – Could you email me your cell #??? I need to cancel for today – I was out of the office yesterday and would like to explain. Your email keeps kicking my emails back to me… :) Nicole


  9. Katy-I miss our talks…ha, ha. I’m still here reading your blog and loving every minute of it. Can’t get to my blog like I used to. New job, soccer schedules for two kids, husband travelling incessently, mother with a new diagnosis – things I should blog about, but can’t..yet. Just wanted to stop in and say hi.


    • Bonni! I’m glad you’re still there. Does blog technology show you that I have been peeking in on A New Tradition ALMOST EVERY DAY waiting for more? I hope not. It might creep you out.


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