Please come back soon and stay forever.

So glad Bubs friend West Bay Bubs here. Not seen since camp.

Long  hair, shaggy velcro medical alert bracelet, open-toe shoe, long shorts, slackline, basketball, reluctant kayak, 4th grade, Minecraft, both. Same. Both silly-quiet. Same. This rare person probably would be good friend even w/o Type 1 diabetes, but Bubs never meet w/o Big D because friend live other side Narragansett Bay. Like Jupiter, Belgium, Mississippi. Other realm.

Both choose 8g CHO bag kettle corn snack, same speed enter info into pump, same little fingers. One person 110, other person 263. Everybody mellow. Come back soon.

Bigfoot know—but gather supposed to pretend not know (?) or at least feign not curious—5th grader Bubs’s school new Type 1 boy. Ask Bubs, “Did you figure out who the fifth grader with diabetes is?” Yup.

BIGFOOT: Is he nice?

BUBS: I guess so

BIGFOOT: Did he go to (Your K-3 School)?

BUBS: I don’t think so

BFOOT: Does he know that you have diabetes too?

BUBS: Yeah, we are always in the nurse’s office at the same time. He doesn’t have a pump so we always pretend the shot hurts like “Yow-ow-ow!”

BFOOT: Do you want to invite him over?

BUBS: I guess so. I don’t know

BFOOT: He sounds like fun. Does he seem like fun?

BUBS: I guess so

It not a love connection.

5 responses to “Friend

  1. So glad bubs has a friend like that, even if he’s far away and they can’t see eachother often. Feeling different is sometimes so hard for kids. It’s nice for him to have his buddy.


  2. WBB reminds me of L’s preschool friend pip, in the way that they would probably be pals without the D. it’s great for them to connect on so many other levels, as well as that one.


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