It Part Two of Test Strip Reduction Saga

Still overwhelmed, but with fingers in a more ladylike position.

CDE tell Bigfoot, as if gear up drop bombshell, “I can see it from your point of view. As a mom and a grandmother, I know I’d feel how you feel. But I can see it from Dr. Doughnut’s point of view too, because we’ve worked together for a long time, and we’ve seen parents from both ends of the spectrum—parents who need to be encouraged to be engaged in their child’s treatment at all, and parents who are way over the top.”

So big secret is CDE reasonable person. Dr. Doughnut reasonable person. Bigfoot reasonable person too. Regardless, see treatment differently. No bombshell, just human condition.

And so very reasonable, non-drama, Bigfoot keep September appointment for A1c, plan switch new practice for December exam. Maybe will try explain feelings Dr. Doughnut, maybe not. Probably no point, because Dr. Doughnut very experience, probably long history Bigfoot-types leave practice. This must happen pediatric endocrinologists all of time. Parents start out hang every word, then—though not science expert/conduct pancreatic research/invent bionic pancreas (except some cases)/teach medical school—quickly (research show avg. 13 mo.) believe surpass endocrinologist in knowledge their child’s disease.

Sometimes Bigfoot ask zen master for advice. Long time ago, discover ugly secret about friend, other people in town gossip, Bigfoot not believe true, then find out true. Bigfoot ask minister if kinder tell friend know secret, or kinder keep knowledge of secret to self, even though secret make Bigfoot leery spend time this person. Zen master response include I’ve never understood that line about how you can’t choose your family but you can your friends. I find why we become friends a complete mystery.

True dat. And double true re. Pediatric Endocrinologist. Doctor in hospital when child so, so thirsty/unable walk/DKA is Doctor stuck with. But not necessarily BFF. EFF. BEF. BEuntil18. BEU18. Bigfoot hope find BEU18 by Christmas.

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17 responses to “Reasonable

  1. It’s like an arranged marriage – lots of the time it works out fine, but sometimes you end up suffering in silence. It is odd, when you think about it, how the relationship with your child’s doctor becomes so important, but the person you are in it with is completely random, based on shift rotations and what time you first burst through the doors.

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    • in a way, i wish it were more like a marriage–where you’re sort of forced to work it out. instead it’s this sort of nebulous, “oh, i don’t like this, good bye.”

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  2. It’s ok to do what you feel is best, even if it is to leave your current ped endo. We were lucky that we had an awesome care team from dx. Then the military moved us and we went to the “local” ped endo (1.5 hours away) was not a good fit from the first phone call made for the appointment. Even worse when we went to the appointment. Had me in tears. Had me angry. We now make a 4.5 hour trip back to our wonderful team quarterly. Worth it in every way.

    You need a team that works with you and grows with you. Sometimes those in the medical field forget that they are providing you a service, they work FOR you. It’s not ok for Dr D to just make decisions without your input or consulation at all. Not ok at all. It is ok for you to find someone who is a better fit for you.

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  3. Lauren

    I’ve been T1 for 26 years. There are so many ‘professionals’ that don’t have it, don’t live with it, and therefore really don’t know that much about the realities of it. Textbook knowledge only gets a person so far. They have no idea how those of us who know a little can size them up pretty quick.
    Not having knowledge or a realistic point of view is one thing. Not working with their patients is another. Both at same time – not good. Don’t hesitate to listen to your gut or feel bad about what you decide. You are doing a great job with your child. :)

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  4. g

    i just want to know secret…i know that is wrong! but already know you are reasonable…sorry the message isn’t getting across to dr!

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  5. Christine

    Good for you! Regardless of who is roght here (um, you!) you need a Dr you feel hears you.

    I’m sure there are many excellent endos in RI, but after 5.5 years, every minute of our drive from the cape to Joslin is still worth it. Might be worth a look if you don’t find someone more close by.

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  6. angelam

    Wow, sad that it has to be so difficult.

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  7. I’ve been following your strip saga and I have to say I would agree if you decide to break up with your endo. I broke up with my first endo and found a new one that I really like – unlike my first, he’s ressponsive AND could care less how many diabetic supplies I ask for (just upped my script for strips from 10 to 12 a day to 12 to 15 a day without blinking an eye). It’s like when you’re first diagnosed, there’s just SO MUCH going on that you stick with who you RANDOMLY got stuck with until you realize what you really want and then you find the doctor that you WANT to be stuck with. Best of luck. Test away, I say…test away.

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  8. RESEARCH SHOW AVERAGE 13 MONTHS. even when you’re distressed, you STILL got it. /ralph malph

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  9. Julia

    No grass is growing under your feet, Mom! Good for you! Pedi endos very scarce and sometimes Moms have to travel hours to get into a practice who will give their child the care they need and deserve. Just know that as your child approaches the 11 year old mark, there is NO WAY you are going to get by on less than 12 to 15 strips a day, because the growth spurts are crazy. And, just following the instructions given for testing before and after exercise and every 1.5 hours during, that alone is going to require a large number of strips. Pedi Endos have lots of education and I can presume they know how to count… basic arithmetic. No, Dr. Doughnut does not want to take the time from his busy practice to do this for each of his patients. Funny that our endo, at a top Diabetes Clinic in New York City, probably way busier than Doughnut, as she is also engaged in research, finds the time to get our DD the care she needs, the preauth for the strips, the appeals and second appeals for cgms. Your child deserves no less. P.S. Make sure you have interviewed and scheduled an appointment with the new pedi endo before giving Doughnut the heave ho. Easily done, as you can see the new endo at your next appointment and then cancel Doughnut’s appointment if you have found someone who will help. Ask around. Other Moms should be able to tell you in advance if you are wasting your time with a certain doctor or not. Good luck. P.P.S. A good endo will tell you that you, watching your child 24/7, will know more about their daily care by a year or two after dx. And will step in when you ask and if they see you are having problems.

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  10. Sara

    The random endo I ended up with at dx has actually been my favorite. 3000 miles is a bit too far for me to travel to visit him now though.

    I have “fired” an endo for far less than this strip battle. Stay strong!

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  12. Valerie

    Check out this NYT article from today. Doctor empathy matters! The article says the study was for Type 2, but the link to the study says a mixed group of Type 1 and Type 2. So now you have scientific evidence for why you need to kick this doctor to the curb!

    Oh, and I guess this is the part where I admit to lurking on your blog. Hello! I think about you and B a lot, maybe that born-two-weeks-apart connection with L? You are so totally rocking it…both being an awesome, tireless advocate for B and being such a great writer. I’m pretty sure I’m going to be at the bookstore someday and pick up your bestseller and say “I knew her when…!” : )

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  13. Emily

    I actually quite liked my first endo, she was very understanding of the fact that sometimes the numbers are just not good. she also gave me prescriptions for unlimited supplies, and didn’t even limit them to a specific brand, so that I could switch if I so desired. but, then I “aged out” of her practice and moved across the country to boot. My “new’ endo is Okay, but She limits what brand of insulin and strips I can get….

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