Strip Hog

Tiny golden appetizer forks.

Recent switch VerioIQ meter. When pick up snazzy golden strips, find 300 in bag, not 400 as anticpate. That odd. Ask CVS pharmacy technician why change, technician answer with professional tone, These strips are used for testing the blood sugar up to 8 times a day. As if frequency of test relate to color scheme on box. Bigfoot hate when get this technician. Always manage smug + dumb combination, even if Bigfoot purchase bandage, Cashew Lover’s Mix, or probiotic supplement.

Call Coro Center ask why change, also write email explain why need at least 400, it not Bigfoot attempt open small business test strip cantina in garage.  Also, insurance already pay 400/month. Why Coro center downsize Bubs strip allocation?

CDE call back. Heard from Other CDE Dr. Doughnut say “That’s too much testing.” But this CDE read Bigfoot email explain why so many. Agree with Bigfoot not too much testing. Generously add, “You didn’t even include needing to re-test him after he’s low!” (Good point! This statement make Bigfoot feel understood.)

CDE: I’m glad I spoke to you. I’m going to print out your email and present it to Dr. Doughnut. I mean, especially if your insurance was paying for 400 before, there’s really no reason for it to change just because you changed meters

BIGFOOT: Well, you know, Dr. Doughnut might think this much testing is too much of a burden on the child

THIS CDE: You’re right. She might think that

BIGFOOT: But with his school schedule, and recess happening way before lunch, and needing to test before he eats, and before he rides his bike to and from school by himself…anyway, you already agree with me so I won’t go on and on about it but really I don’t see what we can cut out, and even if our insurance wouldn’t cover more strips, we’d still want to buy more and be able to use our HSA account to pay for them, and we can’t use our HSA unless we have a prescription. I’m sorry, I won’t keep talking about it. I know you know what I mean

THIS CDE: Yeah, you’re right. I’ll talk to Dr. Doughnut in the morning and call you tomorrow to let you know what she says

Bigfoot sad request result in endocrinologist slap Bigfoot for try too hard. Violin music, poor Bigfoot. Hope story end w/ more test strip in Rx, not Bigfoot come to term w. own insanity.

I have been adding this up over and over and over again. 15 is normal for us. Fifteen! And still with such rickety control. We really need to learn to use the Dexcom. This whole thing is stupid.

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7 responses to “Strip Hog

  1. Eileen

    Other than strip issue, are you liking verio better than ping?

    • yes yes yes! it is a nice piece of equipment. the vibrant color screen, the light beam, the tiny bit of blood needed for testing…i do wish it were a remote control, but the other features outweigh the not-remote-control factor

  2. Reyna

    Hey. Why don’t u use the ping remote? Just curious.

    • We are still using it, for night time correction boluses, and/or breakfast if B’s too busy-lazy to get his pump out of the Spibelt and enter the info. The remote is good as a remote, but I think the screen is hard to read, and also ugly. ONE OTHER GOOD THING about the VerioIQ: it’s rechargeable–no batteries!

      • How do you keep track of averages? I am horrible about downloading/uploading (whatev) anything…so I like all Joe’s data on one meter. You are right. The screen is tough to read in the sun.

      • I don’t keep track of averages! That’s terrible.

        But it’s not the new meter’s fault–we’ve always had two meters going: one at home, one at school. Also the emergency meter in the Spibelt (rarely used) Since we use the VerioIQ at home now, I only use the remote as a remote control, not as a meter.

  3. i am so angry on your behalf that something like this is even necessary. if it makes you feel better at all, i have heard similar tales from other people in the same boat, their docs telling them they’re testing too much. SO FUCKING FRUSTRATING.

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