School school

Last year, Big Bird on juice was considered an insult to one’s manhood. Why are there no eensy-weensy juice boxes to enhance the tough guy’s image? And the Luna Bar tagline—forget it.

Bigfoot not remember what equipment school require. With pump, not much. Right? Maybe wrong. But not need insulin vial, back up insulin vial, insulin pen, needle tips, back-up syringe. Nurse/Bubs never do site change, new insulin, etc. Think only need chuck couple things in bag.

Bubs so excited for school. First time will have man teacher, also know some friends same class. It’s like…I feel actually happy that school is starting!

When Jack 4th grade, winter time indoor recess this man play floor hockey, use roll masking tape for puck, Jack think this man among nicest human being in world. And he wears his shirts unbuttoned like this: (holds neck of shirt open like Larry from Three’s Company); and he has baseball day, where all you do is watch a Red Sox game and eat junk food!

BUBS: Well that stinks! Baseball is the most boring game to watch, and I can’t just sit around eating junk food—

JACK: You could just have some popcorn and maybe one cupcake

BIGFOOT: (Smiles beatifically)

Getting reacquainted with the Multiclix and the mini.

Fun see old school chums: black Multiclix, blue One Touch Mini, weird green camo Eli Lily freebie bag every T1 kid have. Make sure in working order. Yup. 109.

Bubs order 2nd Spibelt, perfect for carry emergency meter/glucose when ride bike. Black Spibelt w black zipper for pump, black Spibelt red zipper for emergency pack. Fourth grade Bubs also carry own meter/sugar or keep in desk. For practice independence.

Meanwhile, some neighborhood grapevine news. Last night child Bigfoot family not know, (or if know, not yet know know) receive diagnosis. Last night in hospital, maybe IV, maybe listening “corn is vegetable” dietician advice, maybe Dr. Doughnut insisting child complete word search of PANCREAS and KETONES before allow discharge? Maybe parents cry. Maybe father accidentally pee in hat blocking toilet. Maybe mother try figure out how many carbs in Au Bon Pain red velvet cupcake (Bigfoot think remember: 75g). Maybe child cry I’d rather die than get another injection! Maybe father hold down arms while mother pull down pants little bit and inject. Maybe nurse call boy wrong name, then apologize. Maybe boy order macaroni and cheese from hospital cafeteria, move around on plate show nurse how much think can eat for carb count. Maybe CDEs all leave for Camp Surefire, tell family That’s some timing! I’m sorry no one will be here to answer your questions! Next year he can come to camp! and mother think shouldn’t they cancel the camp so someone will be here to help us? Maybe boy say why would I want to go to camp with a bunch of diabetes people?

This sad news, of course very sad. But also…exciting. Should be ashamed admit, when Bigfoot share news with Bubs, hard to restrain smiling. Child will attend same school, but one year OLDER. Child is BOY. So selfish happy for this boy join diabetes club. Not wish on anyone. Of course not wish. But happy not alone.

8 responses to “School school

  1. Mary M

    School stuff- extra kachunker, emla cream. Several syringes, bottle back-up insulin. Extra meter if he carries his remote back and forth to school. Extra strips, lancets, alcohol swabs. Glucagon. Having the pump doesn’t mean less supplies, it almost means more.


  2. smile weepy: AGAIN. i love that bubs. ANNNNNND that jack. popcorn & cupcake: brilliant.


  3. Diaun

    I wouldn’t wish either, but would also be happy to not be alone


  4. Nicolep

    Maybe shift happiness? Maybe not be happy diagnosed, but happy he lives in neighborhood? Less guilt.


  5. ahhhh, your posts always get me right in the heart and the funnybone. i am so far behind on blog reading that maybe you know who the neighborhood new club member is by now. i shall read on.


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