Idiot reform

Original art. You may reuse it!

Whoa. Bigfoot only read this article  because include Graham Roumieu illustration. Not notice otherwise. Lucky day: it re anxiety, author of popular Monkey Mind anxiety memoir. Suck this gobstopper for while:

I should define “idiot” for our purposes. I don’t mean someone of low I.Q. or poor academic abilities … By “idiot,” I mean … an impractical and unreasonable person, a person who tends to forget all the important lessons, essentially a fool, one who willfully ignores all that he has learned about how to come to his own aid. A person who is so fixated on the fact that he is in a hole that he fails to climb out of the hole.

Read this inspire Bigfoot finally reprogram pump. (Also many helpful comment/emails encourage.) (Realize not medical advice.) (This also not medical advice.)

Ta-dum! Suddenly clear: no benefit cling old basal program.

Now wonder: how many basal segment too many? At what point segment become meaningless–one hour? Two? Half? Bigfoot settle on five segment bc fit on one screen. Tidy! Also change I:C ratio tiny bit lunch/dinner. Also, just for strut stuff, change daytime target: 110 not 120. Independent. Boo-yah.

Tonight: 82 mg/dL bedtime, peppermint tea w. 1/2 tsp honey (3g CHO + 1g for splash almond milk). Last night bedtime 79 mg/dL, gave 15g because of IOB—>300+ by 11PM. Bigfoot not fall that trick again.


Spend hunk today boys RIIFF. Friends have student film in show, then DXOne world premier!

Wish every T1 parent see this 18 minute film. Favorite scene: fumble in dark for child finger, test BG. Something about see blood droplet finger squeeze on film make Bigfoot experience feel more real. Like first time alien meet other alien—or first time meet real person also love Julie Hecht! (Not happen yet.)

Actor/son + film director there, so kind. Actor awesome DIABADASS T-shirt, gray on soft black American Apparel. Bigfoot wish for sale. One of kind, natch. Actor present Bubs “Diabetes Sucks” keychain made from resin/bottle cap pound flat w. mallet. Delight. Bubs love coarse language! Place on meter case zipper pull. Bigfoot present actor 1/4 eaten jug Glucolift Orange Cream.


Final stretch summer. This week: clown around. Next week: D Camp. Next next week: FOURTH GRADE.




3 responses to “Idiot reform

  1. Nicole P

    Katy – I’m so sorry I missed RIFF screening… Is Bubs headed to Camp Joslin?? I hope so!!!


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