Could be true

Still asleep. Same position. Please wake up proud and happy, in lieu of hating me. And please never read this post.

Strange beach house. Bigfoot/Bubs sleep double bed. Spouse other room. Jack other room. Butter downstairs. No witness here for keep Bigfoot honest.

Low insulin cartridge creep up. Crap. All day forgot take care of. 12u enough get through night but not get through night without beepity-beep warning music. Bubs asleep on side. Hip w/site up. Hip for new site down. Vast acreage naked belly full view. Pinch belly. Bubs not flinch. Wipe 3″ diameter circle belly IV Prep Pad. Bubs not notice. Bigfoot think this is not premeditated. I’m just seeing how asleep he is.

Fill new cartridge, rewind pump 100u while IV Prep Pad juice dry. Prod belly. Bubs not even change breath. Bigfoot feel very calm. Probably could be hit man. Load cartridge. Before think too much, kachunk site on belly. Oh my gah. What have I done? Peel adhesive backers off. Stick on. Smooth down. Pat. Fill cannula. Bubs not move.

Planet Earth = blue vanilla with Oreo pieces and marshmallow swirl. Maine Modern Family = vanilla with peanut butter cups, cookie dough, peanuts, pretzels? and some other stuff. I had vanilla with mini Rolos in it. It had an elaborate name.

From beginning diabetes, Bubs not willing try belly action. At first, endocrinology team think maybe better avoid belly because skinny. Last checkup Dr. Doughnut palpate belly, pronounce Bubs grow enough “loose skin” (=fat?) for use this real estate. Bubs refuse. Of course Bigfoot respect. Common sense. Small person very little control, not want jab needle ticklish spot against will. Not know what come over Bigfoot, violate child belly while asleep. Sad state affairs.

Briefly convince self I’ll tell him he woke up a little bit when I tried to roll him over to get to his other hip, and that he asked me to put it there. That way he’ll feel like he’s still in control. Could be true. Also could be true It’s only a five minute walk to the ice cream place. More like 30, but five could be true. No one wearing watch. Also could be true the only place with wifi is the Stonewall Kitchen cafe, and I have to work.

Such liar. So easy. Feel terrible. Sorry. Born this way.

9 responses to “Could be true

  1. Hahaha. The one time I tried to do a pod change on my kiddo when she was asleep. she rolled over and ripped the freshly placed pod right off her leg. Ack! The best part about childhood are the lies anyhow (Santa, Easter Bunny, Tooth Fairy…). Hopefully he’ll wake up and be thrilled!


  2. “Probably could be hit man.” <— like John Cusak! In 'Gross Point Blank'!


  3. hilarious hit man. My son showed huge solidarity fist pump to Bubs for refusing to use his belly. I read your blog to him to convince him to just think about it. And was appalled at your stealth-ness.


  4. mollyjade

    I was diagnosed when I was three, and I think I was in college before I started giving myself shots in my stomach. I don’t know why the stomach seemed so much more vulnerable, but it did. And of course, it turned out to be just like the other body parts and not terrible at all.


  5. Nicolep

    Very curious how this worked out! I’m thinking all is OK… And yes, “could be true…” :)


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