This is where I would like to have a picture of Jon Stewart, in his full summer tan, with a big red heart Skitched around his face.

Oh, so tender moment August 2nd Daily Show. Jon Stewart really quite balanced, address Chik-fil-A anti-gay stance, less knee-jerk liberal than Bigfoot normally expose to, interesting, JS point out flaw in Tom Menino/Rahm E. not want allow Chik-fil-A in city. OK. Nice. Bigfoot alert, patient as pea brain expand contain new idea. But at 5:11 in this clip, so extraverynice moment.

Gay marriage is happening. Like many drive-thru window lanes, it ain’t going backwards. And your bonus is this: you get gay marriage. All your political opponents are going to get…is Type 2 diabetes.

Bigfoot so relief. If not qualify pro-antigay Chick-fil-A eater future disease, so disaster Bigfoot mood. I.e. imagine Jon Stewart say All your political opponents are going to get…is diabetes. Grateful JS have sensitivity know need include adjectival phrase. Probably have Type 1 PWD intern, deep breath, insist scriptwriter add. Maybe more experience intern say no, more important pare out unnecessary language. T1D intern assert not unnecessary. Imagine T1D intern experience sense triumph. Maybe Jon Stewart pat on back, squeeze shoulder, make affectionate-mean comment. However happen, grateful.

Meanwhile, tomorrow Maine. Meanwhile, Bubs coughing, snuffly this night. High BG. Bigfoot spouse change site, Bigfoot stay up make sure go down/not down too much.  Bubs say I don’t think it’s a problem with my site. I think I’m high because I’m getting sick. Everyone Bigfoot know currently child ill w. Hand, Foot, Mouth disease. Maybe this disease begin snuffle? If high because sick, just give more-more-more insulin or need use mystery Insulin R? Dread call Coro Center pager. Very old system, enter number after loud fax machine/beep noise, no way know if enter correctly except if no one call back. Always very drama.

Forget for moment cart work best behind horse.


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