Therefore Bubbles

This is a glass of seltzer. To illustrate bubbles.

Bigfoot, Bigfoot Spouse long tradition over confident, think natural finesse, supersmart, even if time/time again wind up bad result. Like Harry Allard The Stupids. 4+ month use pump. Only now understand necessity this instruction: use room temperature insulin.

Bigfoot/Bigfoot Spouse experience, “room temperature” advice phrased in way not penetrate skull. Wrong understanding = it will be easier to avoid air bubbles if you let the insulin come to room temperature before filling the cartridge, but since you are so careful about purging bubbles, you can keep your insulin in the fridge until the very last second—and have fresher, more effective insulin than those who rely on the pathetic crutch of bringing insulin to room temperature for bubble avoidance.

But what room temperature instruction really mean = You must use room temperature insulin. Even if you’re naturally superior in every way, and super-skilled at purging.


Because air bubbles will form within 24 hours, leaving your insulin looking like 7-Up, and diluting every dose. With air. Contained in bubbles.

OhHhh! (Capital H signify voice rise few notes in middle for realization noise.)

Yesterday third day in row need change insulin/site. Day 1 + 2 Bigfoot blame spouse. Ask, How could you not see this cartridge is all bubbly? It’s almostĀ fizzy. Look at that. Look at that. Look. Day 3: it cartridge Bigfoot make. Bubbly. Bubbly like Prosecco. Like champagne. Dawn on Bigfoot maybe problem cold insulin. Easy forgive self, move on. Pop cork for celebrate! Realize fizz source, anticipate better BG control.

Bigfoot figure out how bring insulin room temperature in few minutes. Armpit. Inspired by mom tuck cold insulin sports bra-bound cleavage. Kudos on balance medical + foxy—very difficult achieve. Bigfoot not have what take for this method, but find armpit have good grip, very toasty. Fill cartridge no air bubble so easy.

MORAL OF STORY: some instructions are worth following.

15 responses to “Therefore Bubbles

  1. Linda in Idaho

    I love this! Toasty armpit! That’s how I do it too. Then alcohol swab vial top, >very thorough<, so not infuse sweat into self instead of out.


  2. Bigfoot brilliant! That made my day. :D


    • Hey! You’re the owner of the perfect insulin warmers! I love that picture for being so brazenly titillating yet practical and medically sound. It’s one of my favorite diabetes surprises in the world.


  3. Armpit?!

    I roll it between the palms of my hands if I have to use one right out of the fridge. Usually when I see that the current room temp bottle may not be enough for the next change, I go ahead and take a fresh one out and stick it in our supply bag.

    We’re all learning as we go. Right?


  4. I’ve used the armpit before. And I remember I had a fresh vial in pit and the kids were running around my feet and I said, “Hey – calm it down. I got a fresh vial in my pit and I’ll be darned if I drop it.” It was one of those sentences where I thought, “did I really just say that???”


  5. i’m just now catching up on blogs so i missed kris’ titillating photo but it’s my next stop! :)

    if we find a nice big bubble (not the tiny 7 up ones) in L’s tubing, we just prime it out. can you do that with an animas? we disconnect her and use a fixed prime to push the insulin out until the bubble comes out too?(fixed prime so it doesn’t add to her IOB, since it’s not, y’know, OB. it’s on a napkin on our table). it wastes a bit of insulin but it’s also faster/easier than a full site change. just a thought.


    • hi shannon!

      how about that titillating photo?

      the thing about the nice, big bubble in the tubing makes me think: how often should i be examining the tubing? for my eyes to spot a bubble, i think i would need to do the examination under a bright lamp. i have done this zero times.

      always more to do.

      you are so good at this.


      • nah, i’m constantly still learning dude. and we only check for bubbles if she has unexplained highs or maybe she does it when she’s bored! or should be paying attention in class, who knows!


  6. I’ve totally done the armpit thing too. :-)


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