Dream Wedding

Featured wedding Sunday Styles today: Bridget Kelly and Eric Strauss. Bigfoot cool mom call tell read this story. Hey! Type 1! Happy happy wedding. Happy love. (Also survivor of rape, multiple gunshot wound; also Catholic marries Jew; many heartbreaking/interesting details this romance.) Vows piece written by bride father. Skip to diabetes portion:

Two months after Bridget’s 2002 attack, her pancreas stopped producing insulin and her blood-sugar readings went very high. At 25, through no fault of her own, she had Type 1 diabetes, formerly called juvenile diabetes. It was another life-changing event. Like the three million or so other Americans with the disease, she must prick her finger several times a day and regulate her food intake and insulin injections. It is an imposing and constant balancing act for her.

Also this: Bridget, wearing a Ramona Ponce gown specially designed with an insulin pump pocket. Lovely.

10 responses to “Dream Wedding

  1. Ok, so I am all over this oreo estimation thing. Trying it out today!!


  2. Sometimes I prefer the lows over the highs, too. Because I know I can bring the lows up quicker than I can bring the highs down. Most other T1D parents think I’m nuts for this. Perhaps I need to be more scared of lows. Perhaps I just haven’t had a low scary enough yet. Fingers crossed I never do. But I totally understand. And I love your blog because everything you write I totally understand…and it makes me laugh at the same time. Wish we had met at FFL 2012. Definitely make it a point to do so in 2013!


  3. I love this post. 1) You are a BLAST to read. I swear, one of my favorites. 2) The chicken thing gives me hope that I’m not food-weird for life (ie, maybe I should try that chicken too?). 3) The wedding story is incredible, and I would have never heard of it if it weren’t for you sharing. Thank you!


  4. Oreospatial method huzzah!


    gone girl – so should i read it or no?


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