In Wild

Sunday Review today feature imaginary child w T1D in illustrative example in article re evils of current campaign finance situation. Like find pumper in Starbucks! But in nefarious hypothetical sitch:

IMAGINE you’re the closest living relative of a child who just inherited $100 million after her parents died in a car crash. You’re a distant cousin, but if something happened to her, you’d be next in line.

She has juvenile diabetes. So you “adjust” her insulin prescription a bit yourself, doubling the dose. When that doesn’t work, you tell her a different drug works just as well, and when she’s reluctant, you offer her a trip to Disney World.

What make author Drew Westen choose this scenario for illustrate point? Maybe T1D? Child w T1D? Nephew? Niece? What? Not mind creepy tale, love creepy tale! Exciting see casual mention. As if readership familiar w. T1D. Warm cockles.

Immediately prior read Diabetically Speaking advice re don’t let diabetes become most exciting thing in life. Ring so true. Bigfoot nod head, solemn vow for be aware when do this, try curtail.

Then read newspaper. Not quite able remember what Hilary doing in Egypt (good hair), vague recollection Syrian helicopter escape (exuberant smile, Turkey lax visa regulation), Ferragamo kitten heel pump (story about iconic 1970’s label in footbed?), something re single parent poverty worse than married parent poverty. Biggest excitement whole world news = scientist writer use T1D in story on campaign finance reform.

9 responses to “In Wild

  1. Love Bigfoot commentary on overall newspaper. Interesting moral example.


  2. Kay

    Sharing my mom’s advice when we lost our son, Uchenna. “Do not let this define you.” She told me this gently and I have gone back to it in my heart many times. Figuring out what you do want to define you seems like hard work, but it’s worth it.


  3. Christine

    Just stopping in to say I LOVE your blog! My Type 1 son is 10…and we are somewhat neighbors – I live on Cape Cod. I believe the GlaxoSmithKlien drugs that there were issues with were diabetes medications – maybe that is why he went for the D example??


    • Hi! Wow, thanks. We often appear on Cape Cod! Next up: the last weekend of July. We can meet up at Skaket beach! (Too aggressive?)


      • Christine

        Is there “too aggressive” in the D community? I doubt it! But, I have no idea where that beach is??


    • skaket is in brewster. we usually go to the brewster beaches because my parents live there and have the right stickers. we will go anywhere!


      • Christine

        We are in Falmouth, so we have the stickers for there, but we will go anywhere as well. Last weekend in July we have a baseball tourney, I think, but we should definitely try for a beach meet-up!


  4. I had no idea about Glaxo S. K.! I’m going to read more.


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