Chee-whatz + Science!

Camp lunch conversation overheard Sharpe Refectory.

BUBS: What’s your favorite kind of Cheez-it?


BUBS: What’s your favorite flavor of Cheez-it?

WEST BAY BUBS: What do you mean?

BUBS: What kind of Cheez-it do you like the most?

WEST BAY BUBS: Wait. Cheez-its come in different flavors?

As Video Game Camp Diabetes Nurse, Bigfoot have up-close view into WBB lovely lunch. Packed by actual pediatrician! Humbling. Not a contest, but please compare.

BUBS: 50g baguette (25g CHO), Baby Swiss Flavor Cheez-Its (20g CHO), aforementioned broccoli soup (2g CHO), apple (organic, 15g CHO, 100% uneaten), Vitamin Water Zero (0g CHO) =45g CHO.

WBB: pineapple, edamame, organic applesauce, organic milk box (not chocolate!), Annie’s organic spaghetti loops with vegan balls, Chobani pineapple yogurt=87g CHO.

Remember, these boys same age, approx. same size, hair approx. same length, both wear 3/4 length pants, participate same postprandial (in)activity (video game writer camp). AND BOTH BG #87 BEFORE LUNCH! Aha! Perfect conditions for official research study inspired by Rule Breaker conversation with dietician prefer greasy pepperoni log over banana for snack. WBB play for team Banana. Bubs play for team Greasy Pepperoni. One uncontrolled variable: Bubs bolus before eat, WBB bolus after. Ready go.

UPDATE: FOOD WINS! (3h. postprandial: WBB 207; Bubs 270.)

2 responses to “Chee-whatz + Science!

  1. i love that you this super scientific situation just dropped into your lap! i would have expected team greasy to win, just because it was less carbs. we’re all learning here!


  2. You can get Tabasco Cheez-its on Amazon.(along with anything else one can dream up-sorry, Amazon-a-holic=me)


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