Pink Mini Club

Dream babysitter arrive: teen hockey star, Type 1 since age 8, attitude-free/sincere, little brother one year older than Jack. Show up w/ Monopoly game (credit card swipe machine version) under arm. Bigfoot hate Monopoly. Bubs love Monopoly.

Also: show Bubs hot pink One-Touch Mini. Bubs almost fall off of stool: I chose the pink one too! Bigfoot fumble through bag, so excited, barely can unzip, pull out pink meter. Not say but think See? See? Don’t you love us/want to babysit us all of the time/maybe give tennis lessons, maybe make our family your senior thesis? Instead say something stupid like what is it with you guys and your pink meters? Bubs: We want to show the world that pink isn’t just for girls. Babysitter: Yeah, I love to wear pink shirts in the summertime, right Bubs? Bubs: (silently makes note to self: ask for pink shirt.)

Bigfoot spouse thinking I wonder if he would go on vacation with us. Bigfoot thinking we need a bigger car. Also: this guy A SOPHOMORE! 2.5 years if Bigfoot play cards right. Try not act too eager. Not want scare away.

10 responses to “Pink Mini Club

  1. jess

    Fantastic. Pay him. Feed him. Buy movies for his xbox. Whatever it takes. Perfect.


  2. jess

    I meant games for his xbox. I’m so old.


    • Ha! I think our xbox is used for watching live broadcasts–it might be a DVD player, game system, and antenna in one. That thing is crazy. Or it could just make the Hulu show up on the television. We are so old. It’s fantastic!


  3. I offered to pay him $15/hour. (Normal rate is $10 for high school babysitters here.)–He said “$10 is more than fair.” I am still paying him $15. I want him to get addicted to the lavish salary.


  4. Oh. My. Gosh. Raddest story ever.


  5. omfg this is AMAAAAZZZIIINGGGGG.



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