350, 291, 306, 147, 71, 73, 262, 318, 228

Six consecutive high morning  =  pattern. Not just high. HIGH high. Over 300 today. Endocrinology team member Julianne Moore recommend increase basal insulin 12AM-6AM: Dr. Doughnut thinks it sounds like he’s ready for a more robust basal segment overnight. Bigfoot, Bigfoot Spouse brilliant plan: stay up watch The Descendants, check sugar # midnight, watch 500 Days of Summer, check sugar # 2AM, celebrate lucky #99 or #123 or #111, clink imaginary champagne flutes, wake up 6:30, feel great, heal world.

Meanwhile, friend–same age Bigfoot (barely 40), very athletic/funny/great taste in music–diagnosed this week: DIABETES. (LADA.) Try explain sorry this happen, try not be glad for self. This friend so smart, always find best science articles share, already find great diabetes app for track blood sugar. This man know a lot about everything, but not annoying know-it-all <—just intellectually curious, enthusiastic. Mention count carbs what a pain! but not yet need insulin. Long honeymoon/slow decline Langerhans? Want read LADA articles but not want learn so much become certain also fall victim.

Leaving the mining facility early again

Every day after school, Bubs + friends run into woods behind baseball diamond to “the mine.” Mine for gold/silver nuggets represented by dirt clods. Gather sticks for “the armory.” Waggle loose tree roots = “security system.” Girls run between mine and swings, relaying messages: everything’s okay. The boys say go to the fort; let’s hustle! and Sarah went home. She was lonely and other obscure knowledge. Bigfoot admire imaginative play, but hate not able see Bubs unless stand in pricker bush. Feel extreme helicopter parent, so sit in baseball dugout near mine try read New Yorkers but unable: if he passes out, will one of those miners come out to tell me, or will they think he’s doing it as part of the game? After not too long, come up with excuse need leave—lucky today, small rain storm come.

Depending on point of view re kids in 70’s, either 1/9 or 1/3 OK: 350, 291, 306, 147, 71, 73, 262, 318, 228. Hope tomorrow better.

5 responses to “350, 291, 306, 147, 71, 73, 262, 318, 228

  1. Nancy F

    Hs anyone recommended you read “Pumping Insulin”? It helped me with my daughter.


    • Someone DID mention that and I dropped the ball. I have been wishing to keep an endocrinologist in the cupboard—to take out when I have questions—DUH! that’s what books are for. But on shelves not cupboards. Endocrinologist on the Shelf instead of Elf on the Shelf? I am going to order this book before I forget again–THANKS!!


  2. i also hope tomorrow was better for you. those overnight checks after changing a basal, ugh! i enjoy your attempt to make it better by watching quality films.

    i am sorry to hear about your LADA friend and completely relate to not wanting to read too much for fear you will be convinced it’s coming your way too. i find that good taste in music frequently speaks well of a person’s success in other endeavors, so i wish them well on their journey (with what i’m sure will be an epic soundtrack).

    also, i know how hard it was for you to let the minor miner out of your sight for a bit. all i can say, 2.5 years in, it does get easier to do so, over time.

    and finally, engine 2 diet! intriguing! let me know if you get involved, yeah?


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