Not Go

Bigfoot attend school lunch. Morning Bubs say, I would like to eat with you, even if you don’t have time to go to Five Guys. I just like spending time with you. Very nice! Of course Bigfoot comply. Not able bring special delivery—only apple, little knife, cutting board. Sit with Bubs + bubbly Chinese classmate, literally bounce peanut butter sandwich on table between bite. Conversation around custom Lego minifigure. Fun. Not relevant friend Chinese, Bigfoot kind of provincial.

After lunch, visit Dream Nurse. 50 carbs. Dream Nurse have Bubs calculate dose, Bigfoot experience vague sensation persons gathering outside doorway during injection. It true. Tiny child in sunny yellow wheelchair there, aide beside. Vomit cover lap, Dream Nurse so compose, tell Bigfoot I guess we should make a plan for you to show me the pump next week, but I need to deal with this situation now. Tiny boy face same expression Bubs face: know something wrong, but not worry. Know adult handle it OK.

Little they know, adult so messed up: bury face in dog neck/ make repeated smooch noise; give insulin correction (300+ at dinner)/cause tank in night (55), force awake sing Yaz “Don’t Go,” (inspire by PCFF film class film)–try force drink orange juice/eat candy corn, then force brush teeth–let sleep fifteen minute, test again (64), make up let’s see if it goes up more in ten minutes instead of wake up/force eat (85), decide ten more minutes? Sure; research slack lines/poplin shirt/LL Bean Signature/feel bad about eat too much mini eggs at Arts Night; did ten minutes go by yet?/I don’t know/Check the meter!/three minutes/Is it time yet?(73)/Should I give him more candy? Seven? Seven candy corn? They’re only two each? Hear spouse say, “Sweet pea? I have to wake you up now. You have to eat more candy.” Hear Bubs cry in sleep, then, “It’s only five days until my birthday!”

11:15PM blood sugar 107. Formulate plan: let’s check again after some Daily Shows and as long as it’s not going back down, let’s say we’re in the clear/Okay?/Okay/Yeah. I just want to to be over/Yeah.

2 responses to “Not Go

  1. bigfoot provincial = hahahaha
    the rest: omg


  2. this i probably the last comment i should make before it gets weird (too late) but this post required me to respond.

    1 – bigfoot kind of provincial oh lol irl
    2 – my daughter’s 8th bday party was a “rock” theme. she dressed as freddie mercury and i dressed as alison moyet.

    the end.


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