Whoopie pie not require Buddha Bowl

pretty sure this photo is from the uncommon good catalogue

Diabetes encourage whole family modify eating habit. Example #1: Bigfoot command everyone use Buddha Bowl. This adorable bowl perfect size for meal, good for portion control. Come in good color name like: black bean, tofu, butter, shitake. Everyone like cozy thumb hole, also interior of bowl handle area look like butt. Tee hee. Bigfoot family often eat bowl-y foods: beans and rice, fruit/yogurt parfait, noodles, soup, other cheap/elite meal. Sadly, Bigfoot realize too late Buddha Bowl not appropriate size for granola portion.

and this one from Bon Appetit magazine

Example #2: Bigfoot stop baking so much bread and cookie. Therefore, Bigfoot give Jack secret access whoopie pie array Fridays after drop Bubs at school, practice for spelling test while drive over bridge Tom’s Market. Spell “chocolate,” spell “abyss,” spell “zombie.” Jack choose exotic flavor whoopie pie like Banana Creme or Pumpkin Spice. Today Jack select Hostess Snoballs (orange color for upcoming holiday). It a balancing act. That not true, it all sugarcakes. Probably two Snoball nice, snug fit in Buddha Bowl.

Example #3: what do for Halloween? It pretty lame give themed pencil or glow-in-dark eyeball. Bigfoot realize not actually have Example #3 but learn from Tina Fey program always have three example even if #3 just to point out realize have no #3. Done.

Today school nurse teach Bubs’s class about diabetes. Bubs very nervous. Bigfoot explain he not need participate except listen. School nurse have teen daughter with school project, create model of vein, muscle cell, and sugar molecule, loan it to mother/nurse. This school nurse for real? It all true. Paste email from nurse. Bigfoot feel proud moment, then sad moment when read:

Hi [Bigfoot],

We just finished and [Bubs] did come up and show off his insulin pen and his meter and demonstrated how he would test his blood sugar- without actually doing it as I didn’t want to have an extra stick if needed. Mrs. [Superteacher] said later if he wants to he can show his friends how he does it when I come for a routine check.

He did exactly as you said at first, looking at the floor but then when kids were asking questions he jumped in to answer. I think it went well.  One student asked if it will get better, and Mrs. [Superteacher] had a good response and said it is kind of like having to wear eye glasses. You will always need to wear them, your eyes needs the glasses to see better, just like the body needs insulin to use the sugar for energy in the body.

We tried to end it on a positive note that Drs. and scientists are working hard to find a cure and hopefully someday he won’t need insulin shots but that [Bubs] is doing a great job managing this condition. I thanked [Bubs] in front of the class for allowing us to share this information to teach others. The class seemed very caring about this.


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