Bile up to Bigfoot eyeball

Some hurricane thing very good: postpone school days, gain time for plan snack/lunch carb, also not need wake up early. Bad part: no fairy godmother rescue Bigfoot family from diabetes.

When arrive @preppy prison, it like heaven. Jack read Kardashian wedding People magazine, beach at high tide, no cook or clean, big puffy bed with cable television. Then notice: no one make diabetes go away. Then notice: no one understand diabetes—think no need insulin if drink milk with sticky bun. Think it nice take Bubs aside, call him “a real champion.” Also notice, maybe some wrinkle nose when see syringe. Bigfoot not go again until cure found or syringe parlor installed.

One day lunch Bubs ask drive Hyannis, get Pizzeria UNO brand macaroni and cheese. (Bigfoot say OK because this near Trader Joe’s, think maybe Trader Joe’s have diabetes section Bigfoot overlook on previous visit.) Bubs order desired meal, get insulin shot (many unit to cover high carb count) then refuse to eat. Sure Bigfoot look cool as cucumber, but panic—hustle children next door to Wendy’s for Frosty to make up for missing carbs. Bigfoot have fantasy say PIZZERIA HOLY FUCKING UNO, throw glass of ice against plasma screen tv, shock children into blind obedience. Not worth try—pretty sure not work. Limp along w current pacifist/scientist/holywoman method.

It a miracle, blood glucose remain normal after macaroni/Frosty swap. Bigfoot afraid Bubs manipulate this way all of time now, think maybe need to do tackle/force frosting into cheek pouch next time to avoid set bad pattern. Bigfoot try to avoid think what happen if Bubs discover power refuse eat have over school day.

Anyhoo, Bigfoot and sons cry in car whole drive home. Everything too overwhelming, especially if mother is crybaby.

Bigfoot home now. Nothing improve. Hurricane lawn debris: terrible. Household maintenance: terrible. Food selection: terrible. Unwanted Eames (faux) chair: unsold. Wish to blame Bigfoot spouse, but he out at job “all day.” (Teacher.) (Bigfoot kidding!)

Swim with friends at YMCA, eat peanut butter graham cracker for energy, have enough energy for pencil dive and cannonball; think healthy blood sugar #110. Bigfoot wish could run away for week, but not trust anyone take care of Bubs. This a terrible love trap, hate every moment.

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