Hope in a Jar

Our soaked Dexcom receiver came back to life. This happened after two months sealed up in a jar with all of the “DO NOT EAT” packets I could scavenge from our assorted shoeboxes and vitamins. I had given up on li’l soggy, but all he needed was a charge-up.

Wet Receiver Resurrection

  • Gather desiccant packets (from shoeboxes, pills, nori, etc.) and a jar with a tight-fitting lid.
  • Place ruined receiver in jar with desiccant packets and screw lid on tight. (I slid open the receiver’s USB port door, thinking this would aid evaporation.)
  • Put it away for a month or more. Forget about it.
  • Plug it in.
  • If it does not light up, put it away for another month. Repeat until it works or has been made obsolete.



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