Whoa oh oh, feelings. Subtle ones. Beyond mad/glad/sad.



For breakfast sans spike, avoid maple syrup. This novel discovery trademarked by Joe. YDMV.

Share app, if this kind of line + lovebug of choice out in cruel world = sink into warm tub on cold day or dunk in cold tub outside masochist sauna. Or like stare into dog’s eyes in oxytocin love loop after rough day or during zombie apocalypse. Ahhh.


Verio, you don't always report my (my!) fasting BG as 140, but when you do, I re-test to make sure you really meant that.

Verio, you don’t always report my (my!) fasting BG as 140mg/dL, but when you do, I wash my hands and re-test to make sure you really meant that. Then I take a snapshot. 

Also new for Bigfoot diabetes: official “lucky” spot on left bird flip finger. Ostentatious callous. For lancet pokes and new nervous habit of callous-nibbling while driving. Really can’t bear poke any other spot.


This worst fasting BG ever, pretty sure. Meanwhile, little bit relief because earlier this week fasting BG = 97mg/dL. Ergo worried Bigfoot = cured fraud.


This week found out Diabetes Hands Foundation award BF scholarship Master Lab! Maybe high BG help BF assimilate, something in common beyond collard wraps/Diet Coke? So grateful, happy scholarship. Not really believe it.

Bigfoot say other thing


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