Endo Day

We arrived with extremely neat data and a chocolate square which says "I'm not as uptight as this data makes me look. Here, it's grocery store chocolate. Don't we have fun?"

I’m not as uptight as my data presentation makes me look. Here. It’s some Easter-theme chocolate. Because I’m so much fun.

Endo day. Everything fine. Feel fine, look fine, weigh fine, blood pressure, etc.

Surprised hear remarks on future. I can guarantee—I can’t really guarantee—but I do believe by the time you’re in college, there will be a cure and I definitely think there will be an artificial pancreas by the time you’re in high school.

What? Whoa. Really? Is this where knowledgeable people roll eyes/that’s what they told me in 1985. Or is some science happening makes this thoughtful, intelligent person say things feel so radical? Bigfoot goosebumps/Bubs remain unimpressed. Slumped in chair, wears baseball uniform, already one hour late baseball. Ever thinks/dreams of cure? Not sure imagines different way to be.

Endo download Dexcom. Graphs look ok. Frankly Bigfoot no idea what ok this context. Standard deviation = 47. What? No idea normal/nice/bad. Endo thinks ok/nice. Mentioned not many low lows; only one under 55mg/dL. 55mg/dL some meaning? Never heard of 55 as landmark for low.

skitched-20140422-204831Very last thing = A1c 5.8. Feel surging joy-fire in chest what what what?! Then remember no judgment, not good/bad, just data.

Not in congratulations way, buy sushi & pie. Neutral face. Here is sushi. Here is pie. Five point eight.

Bigfoot say other thing

Bigfoot sure this not right placement Pinterest button


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