A New Gazoo: Bernstein.

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Toast, jam, fruity smoothie, milky tea, not enough bacon. Peanut butter might be okay w. Dr. B.; I have no idea.

Gazoo_good And now there are two.

My original Gazoo takes the form of a tiny, green Christopher Kimball who hovers around the periphery whenever I use a knife, because he thinks my knives aren’t sharp enough, even when I’ve just had them professionally sharpened. He also disapproves of the way I chop onions. Tiny, green CK is an annoying presence, but doesn’t really effect my self esteem anymore. I’m used to him, and am mostly happy with my chopping skills.

TGDB didn't approve of anything in this scene.

TGDB didn’t approve of anything in this scene. There is even a chocolate-filled straw in the milk. Zero bacons.

But this new one: tiny, green Dr. Bernstein. He pops up whenever there’s toast or jam or—and this is happening a lot these days because they are so good and crisp right now—a third apple of the day. I wish I didn’t join the Dr. B-related Facebook group. But I can’t shoo TGDB away. Because I think his followers are right. But I don’t want to think like that. But I think I should think like that. But it’s very unappealing.

TGDB is, of course imaginary. Beyond imaginary! He is not even based on the Dr. B. book, but instead on occasional peekings-in on the Dr. B. Facebook group.

To summarize, I feel…

I should at least read the book and then decide.


I should avoid the book; I am clearly too impressionable.

Meanwhile, might as well enter to win this contest. (PRIZE = $1000 gift card to King Arthur Flour. I’d spend it all on Thermapens and not too much of this.)


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